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When the rest of the international communities were crying foul due to the new disease in town, the Coronavirus (Covid-19) the minister of information Mr. Michael Makuei told us that there was no coronavirus in South Sudan, and people should go to work! Perhaps he was right since our Minister of Health Hon Elizabeth Achuei, under our very watch on the national television baptized what we have and gave it a new name, a new virus. 

As a law-abiding citizen, we have been going to work until the first case was confirmed on 05/04/2020 in a foreign worker, which was soon followed by a second case diagnosed.  

The whole picture in the country changed when a South Sudanese national, a big man, and his son were confirmed Covid-19 positive.  

South Sudanese, who has been living on handouts and whose healthcare system is anchored by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) soon found herself on her knees begging Kenya to take on their sick. 

And the response came from the Kenyan citizens when they said that the big guns South Sudan purchased should be used to shoot and kill coronavirus. 

So indeed, as South Sudanese, we echo what the Kenyans are asking themselves where are our new hospitals built since independence? 

It is a common knowledge that the Ministry of Health and all the government institutions have become private bank accounts of the officeholders. All the monies that have been coming to South Sudan in good faith for developing this new nation has found its way in various pockets of the ‘Big Men’. And so, Hon Dr. Makur Matur Koryom, the caretaker, and financial key holder in the ministry did not let this opportunity pass him by when he was made the under Secretary in the Ministry of Health. For almost a decade, Makur bettered himself with the money that was supposed to bring about the development and improvements of the hospitals. He stole from the very hospitals he is supposed to improve. The Wau hospital renovation funds found its way in his accounts to land overseas where he tucked his family in a cushy lifestyle. That may not be an urgent matter and so as a forgiving nation, we South Sudanese people overlooked that. 

It only got worse when this senseless doctor has now gone into the coffers of the coronavirus funds. 

A reliable source informed us of him cashing unsigned for $30,000 US dollars unaccounted for. The question we ask ourselves as South Sudanese is, is this man collaborating with the Covid-19 Task Force? 

Riek Machar the head of the Task Force and his son’s mother in law Hon Elizabeth Achuei the Health Minister had nothing to say. Instead, they claim to have had coronavirus and went into hiding to turn a blind eye to the swindling of government funds.  

The credibility of their positive Covid-19 remains questionable because if people wait until death claims them to get their test results, how come theirs come sooner?  

Honestly, poor South Sudanese are dying because the money earmarked for the coronavirus has been diverted to supplying, stocking, and refurbishing military hardware to cement their reigns and control over the country. 

There were no relevant requirements provided for the hospitals and it is common knowledge that we were ill-prepared for the pandemic. With only four ventilators in the whole country, who has access to these ventilators? Obviously, Kiir and Machar will each grab one for themselves and their immediate families and the other two will be divided between the other bigger fishes. 

As for the nationals, only God is their ventilator. And the minister of health will continue to beg for handouts and collecting free blankets form the dead Chinese to further spread the virus. 

But let us hope the newcomer, Dr. Mayen will bring a wind of change and revamp the system. Hand-picked to head the team in the right direction hopefully will see a change. Or is it the same case of replacing another Dinka elite to milk the system? 

Simon Kur Peter 




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