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Murle annihilation in Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA): Paving way for Egypt.    

The people of Greater Pibor woke up to an orchestration tiny minority the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit to shoot and kill the unarmed Murle using weapons and resources that are meant to defend the country from foreign attacks and invasion.  

The Lou Nuer and the Jikany Nuer, the Gawaar, the Dinka Bor have joined hands to carry out the attacks on the innocent Murle. The Dinka Bor have forgotten the very recent history of less than a decade, where the very Lou Nuer killed and maimed them to revenge the Nuer massacre of 2013 in Juba. The Dinka Bor, who are women to the Murle and half men to the Nuer have now raised their ugly heads to attack the little tribe they have been terrified of, making them run to safe-haven in Equatoria where they rejuvenate to become men. 

Whist tribal hatred consumes them to fight and drive Murle out of their ancestral land, they are lending a helping hand to Kiir and his regime. 

The core aims and objectives of Kiir and his henchmen are to gain control of the GPAA area in order to give out the land to the Egyptians. When Kiir went missing amidst the Covid-19 outbreak knocking at the doors of his cabinet and senior generals, he was tying a deal with Egypt, who wants to engage Ethiopia militarily over Ethiopia's decision to build Grand Renaissance Dam on the river Nile in her own sovereign country. As known to many of you, Egypt’s life depends on the Nile and so she would do anything to preserve life. Having no common borders with Ethiopia, the best thing for Egypt to do is befriend the old slave minded president Kiir who could not see his brotherly neighbor Ethiopia through the eyes of a fellow African but rather to bow down to the African Arab, his master. So, my dear Murle and the rest of South Sudan, if Kiir succeeds in driving the Murle out of their homes by the help of two powerful Nuers: Riek Machar the vice president and Angelina Teny the minister of defense whose half-baked decisions of the nation are made in the bedroom, then the rest of you rest assured that the next sell-out of your land will be for the Chinese.  

The plan for Egypt to build military airbase to strike the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam has been confirmed by the Egyptian TV, and the plan has been approved by President Kiir, Egyptian military aircraft have been landing in Juba airport in the recent days in the pretext of bringing medical supply, however, a source within SSPDF Headquarters in Bilpham, Juba said the military planes have been ferrying team of Egyptian military engineers and surveyors to the proposed construction site in Pagak, near South Sudan-Ethiopia's border. 

Today silent massacre is unfolding on Murle people, The Greater Pibor is mourning the loss of her sons and daughters of the land today, tomorrow the tables may turn against you. The silence from the offices of President Kiir and his first vice president is an indication the two giant bullies are now joining head together to gradually silencing all the minor ethnic groups, we have witnessed it in Lainya County, Central Equatoria State, today in Murle land who knows what happen thereafter. 


If this is an independent attack from Lou Nuer and the Dinka Bor, let Kiir’s and Angelina’s offices' issue statement to condemn this barbaric attack.  

To the Murle community, your loss is our loss, accept our sympathy. 

By Abigail Ayo 

Freelance writer 

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