The 2nd of June 2020 saw a new trend of land grabbing in the capital city of South Sudan, Juba. One by the name Lual Akook Wol Kiir, a self-proclaimed son of the South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit ordered shooting and killing of unarmed civilians in Sherkat, Gumbo graveyard. Lual Akook took offense when he was not able to add on his edition to the land, he acquired from the land of the dead in Sherkat. This shooting left eight men and one woman dead, a total of nine, with some sustaining injuries. 

Since the signing of CPA, there has seen mass migration of people from all walks of life heading to Juba, seeking to settle in the ‘promised’ land, as per prophecy of the late Dr. John GaragSherikat in Gumbo, a graveyard is mainly occupied mainly by the Dinka Bor likely because it is the first point of call in the Juba suburban of Juba on the way to the city. 

Lual Akook whether by sheer lucky or by using his royal influence managed to acquired land amongst his tribesmen in the area, even though he was not from Bor. In any case, this was a mission he set to achieve as per writing about him by his kinsman. And this was to rape the helpless Equatorian girls and women, kill as many Equatorians as possible in order to grab their lands. Rumor has it that he is the very man behind the unknown gunmen of Juba town! 

On this fateful day, he, unfortunately, met a grabber and settler who challenged his authority, which resulted in many lives being lost. 

Having failed to get what he wanted, just like a child throwing tantrums, he ordered his bodyguards to open fire. The Dinka Bor youth took the law in their hands too and sought to avenge their loss, calling the government of Kiir to go. 

Unfortunately, Lual Akoo succumbed to the injuries he sustained. 


The irony of the matter is that immediately after the shooting, the revered adopted son of the president, Mr. Kiir, a close relative married to Kiir’s brother in law’s daughter suddenly became a distant relative. He was disowned as a son, as a nephew but a distant relative, despite the stark resemblance, except for the skin tone. Having conducted his wedding just less than a year ago in the statehouse at the state all meant nothing the president. Why?  

Because he has to protect his ruling Dinka dynasty even though none of the Jieng Council of Elders that advise him has lost a son.  

Because he has to protect his presidency to stay on the throne. 

Because if not dealt with swiftly the angry Bor youth could bring the country to its knees. Mind you they too are waiting to ascend on that throw which tragic death robbed from them. 

Because there is a bigger enemy threatening the Dinka right now. To focus on this issue will give room to the likes of Machar to cement their hold on the reins and also welcome the likes of the Cirilo to edge towards the capital. Kiir has to swallow the bitter pill and bleed internally.  

In as much as all deaths are painful and very sad, the one-million-dollar question to ask is, why did the office of the presidency act swiftly to distance themselves from this young man and his acts? 

Why did our president, Salva Kiir Mayardit issue a press release on the hideous crime of Lual Akook Wol Kiir when he was silent of several other crimes such as the recent Wonduruba killing in farmer Yei state and displacements? 

Has Lual paid the ultimate price of the ugly land grabbing dispute to bring peace to all? 

Who would be accountable for Lual deed? how would the investigation ordered by the President help to address the issue of land grab? would the President be able to compensate the families of the victims for their loss?  Has Lual been buried and why the office of the President did not make a public announcement about the death of President's adopted son? these and more are the questions South Sudanese are waiting to be answered by Kiir. 


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