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The regime of Salva Kiir is hiding behind the banner of revitalized peace agreement and chants slogan of peace just as a cover-up but its pursuit for tribal agenda is still unbent. Latest report reaching our desk indicates that the regime is preparing for massive military operations in Ma'diland, under the guise of neutralizing the lone breakaway rebel group in the area but the sole motive is to wipe out the native Ma'dis from their ancestral land. 

Even long before the war civil war broke out, the regime has had this scheme in place but fell sort of grounds to scapegoat its criminal intent. After successfully forging an alliance with SPLA IO through the revitalized peace agreement as well as bringing back the former political detainees under its fold, the regime now feels rejuvenated to pursue its tribal cause with impunity.  

By report, the decision to use military operation was reached during a secret meeting upon realizing that the confidence-building initiative in Pageri proved nothing but a mere white elephant project.  

They had hoped to forge trust between the native Ma’dis and the government through the confidence-building project but without resolving their grievances, and if it were to bear fruits, it would see the native Ma’dis lose their land, administrative power and they would remain marginalized in every aspect as usual.  

But upon that the Ma’di was ahead of their monkey tricks, the regime’s crime wing unanimously opted for massive offensives. This is why Salva Kiir decided to hire more Ugandan fighters and stationed them in western Equatoria because he knows, Cirilo's revolutionary fighters have synthetic resiliency and can turn their dinner table upside down at any time while they are busy fighting on another side of the corridor. 

Background of the social called rebels in Ma'diland:

In 2013, when South Sudan descended into civil war, the native Ma’dis were on the menu of the regime’s misguided wrath. 

House of the native Ma'dis were looted flat, young girls raped, crops were stolen by government aided terrorist group known as the Mathiang Anyoor, many innocent Ma’di youths were tortured to death and some prominent businessmen brutally murdered. 

Prompted by aforementioned injustices, few able native ma’di men and women joined armed opposition group aligned to Dr. Riek's SPLA IO and fought the regime’s elements wreaking havoc in their area.  

Their involvement in the liberation struggle prevented mass killings of civilians and helped some civilians to escape to safety as refugees in Northern Uganda. 

Dr. Riek Machar should dialogue with the regime and stop being a double standard.

If anything, Dr. Riek Machar is the right person to be consulted about the so-called “rebels in Ma’diland” because the accused fought alongside with SPLA IO, under direct command of Riek himself. The regime should dialogue and resolve the matter with him because he is their leader.  

Targeting a single tribe is genocide and crime against humanity under article 2 of the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, especially that the intended operation is unprovoked.  

 Media houses and human right bodies should endeavor to monitor the situation in Ma’diland closely as the government forces are only waiting for the command to commence operation against minority tribe in an apparent ethnic cleansing. 

Nicholas Osobi, 

Revolutionary Columnist  

Email: nicholasThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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