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While most South Sudanese around the globe are still puzzled and devastated by the news of untimely demise of LT Gen. James Ajongo Mawut, those who have been following our revolutionary news articles however are not astonished because we predicted his fate earlier on and wrote about it. We prophesied that he would be assassinated by the JCE’s criminal squadron aka National Security apparatus because he didn’t share tribal ideology and vision of the JCE which made him an obstacle to the regime’s agenda and thence need to eliminate him from the equation.

According to our reliable sources LT Gen, James Ajongo Mawut was poisoned in a meal on the 12th April 2018 by some JCE agents and he fell into comma instantly after consuming the poisoned food. To make his Illness look as if it was from natural cause, he was flown to Cairo for further treatment but most of his organs had collapsed while he was in the air. And on the 13th he passed on but South Sudan Government decided to keep it secret to avoid suspicion of a foul ploy and broke the news a week later.

Since poisoning has never been heard of South Sudan until Museveni assumed a defacto role (presidency) in South Sudan, most analysts are therefore pointing fingers towards Uganda’s leadership which has track record of employing similar tactics (poisoning) to remove some of its military figures and opposition politicians.

Similar to the fallen Army Chief of Staff Scenario was the demise of one of Museveni’s loyal soldier, Brigadier Noble Mayombo who felt unwell after taking breakfast with his colleagues. He got admitted to Kololo hospital where he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, a sudden inflammation of the pancreas, which causes the organ to leak its enzymes into the surrounding tissues and organs, leading the pancreas and surrounding organs to start digesting themselves (auto digestion).

He was airlifted to Nairobi in the Presidential Gulfstream on the orders of President Yoweri Museveni his, mentor and “trusted” comrade, However, Noble Mayombo died at Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi, after the doctors treating him were allegedly ordered to remove the dialysis machine.

Also, to avoid suspicion of foul ploy, the government of Uganda pretended to have done everything within its capacity to save him just as Kiir’s government has done to the fallen chief of staff yet it was well planned mission.

Although Ajongo has been serving in the regime for very long time, his appointment to the position of army chief of staff was not meant to be long. He was to serve as shock absorber while President Salva Kiir was trying to neutralize Paul Malong who was trying to grow longer horns than his. Promoting Ajongo to the position of Army Chief enabled Kiir to deal with Malong and eventually put him under house arrest. But the decision to replace him (Malong) with Ajongo was solely Kiir’s and not that of the faceless tribal conclave (JCE) who looked at him as anti-war and rebel sympathizer.

One undisputable fact about the fallen chief of staff is he disliked senseless wars. He wanted the regime to give peace a chance and, on many occasions, he declined orders to authorize offensive against freedom fighters. We at the revolutionary desk respect him for that. Now that he is gone, return to hostilities should not be a surprise because the next JCE pick would be another Malong, or even worse.

Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist

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