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A nation is a group of people who have common goals, aspirations, share equal values and have the same direction for development. Can you call South Sudan a Nation where only one tribe claimed the entire country? How do you expect to achieve peace when you have rotten, stereotype brains such as of Elia and Makue polluted by Jieng Council of demons and who think of positions than a nation?


The above mentioned are the very people who put us into this mess and yet they impede the people of South to smell peace. What do you expect from a selfish President who thinks only of himself and what he hopes to gain later if he signs for peace and leaves? How many people with brains in the world have resigned when they become obstacles to peace and development of their people?


Kiir and the entire government have been a disgrace and made us sick for all these years. They preached love, unity, forgiveness or work together as a nation and peace yet they continue to damage the nation with vigor. Do you think if you put nails through the wood and later remove them, would there be no permanent marks left? Only Jesus could have removed his if he wanted but left it as a proof for the followers to see. These permanent marks inflicted on the Southerners will remain for generations to come. Forgiveness will only come after healing the wounds.


Since IGAD came in support of Kiir when he embarked with his war on the southerners, they cover-up all the evils Kiir and his government were doing to the Southerners. Is there IGAD to begin within South Sudan? Of course, there is no such a thing. Perhaps only the blind ones will say that. There has been UKSS (Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan) representing IGAD. Is this case, Uganda is Museveni; Kenya is Kenyatta while South Sudan is Kiir and his Jieng group. The group is not different from that of Festus Mogae (JMEC) Jieng Management Elimination Council. They are all pains in the ass. Southerners have failed to see that we have been used as an experimental field and yet we allow the destructions they caused on us to continue up to this day. If the world can allow both Uganda and Kenya to fight for Kiir, put Machar in prison, Mogae to cover-up for the world and continue his employment at the expense of the dying southerners like flies, who is a fool to believe that they would work for peace?


Indeed, I didn’t expect Mogae to be in JMEC indefinitely when he couldn’t bring change since his appointment. He knows that no one in Botswana occupies any positions without limits and why does he allow Kiir and himself do this in South Sudan? Why do they continue to fool us in the South using threads on Kiir and his government when they very well know they are immune to? America, Troika and the rest of the world should know that threads don’t work in South Sudan. To tell us you will have sanctions and arms embargo on Kiir and individuals in his government is a fuss. It is like a catalyst for Kiir to kill more because his logistics come either from Kenya and Uganda.


With Museveni, Kenyatta, Kiir, and Mogae, South has no future. If you are a Jieng who thinks positively for this country, try to prepare ways to heal the wounds by not supporting the Jieng government that has destroyed all our hopes. Together we may quench the fire and set light instead. I guess we are all glad that all the opposition groups didn’t sign a meaningless paper. Let’s not think that the war will stop if the real issues are not addressed. On contrary, it may prepare us for a fiercer one. Don’t use your going to Addis as a token to sell us out. Until Kiir and his government realize we are in the south to stay and will fight to the last men, no way giving up to those mad people. There is always an end to bullying and we should fight for that.


Wake up Southerners. Kiir, Makue, Elias, Jieng Council of demons and the rest of Jiengs shouldn’t hold us hostage forever. They don’t ow us. I don’t care who agrees with me or not but have to say this. When you give people to choose from two things; wisdom and money, most of them will go for the money but with Southerners, if you give them to choose between fighting for their rights in action and to die silently, they will all choose the later. Lies are always forgotten and the truth is remembered. Since Jieng government started sailing the country in the wrong direction, killings and all that happened, how many times have southerners gone to the street that they don’t want Kiir’s government, can someone tell me?


Machar was with Kiir in the government for a long time before he fell out and why is that? What happened next? He chose money to wisdom. When things went sour for him and were dismissed by his boss Kiir, he has to fight for that money. The death of the Nuers and the rest of us is the scenario when two elephants fight, the earth receives the impact. Nuers are like the Palestinians and the Jiengs like the Israelis. They are brothers and their bitterness to each other may remain maybe until the Lord comes. At any rate, what the Jiengs are doing in the country is very primitive. It is time all tribes in the country unit to fight them until they come to their senses. If it means sharing the guns, it should be done now. If peace can’t come through talks, the guns can talk out our problem. It is not a matter of going to school to understand a wrongdoing. Why is that the Jiengs can’t reverse their wrong chose and continue to drive everybody out? IGAD, AU and all the International bodies have watched Jiengs doing this to us yet we choose to die silently. Does it make sense to allow this to go indefinitely just to show that we respect outsiders saying?


Dear Col. Gatkuoth Mut Turoah, I wish every Southerner negotiating for peace in the country could see the solution to our problems through your eyes. When you said, “We rather die in the bush than signing the shaky peace that doesn’t address the root cause of the fighting”, I was touched because positions are temporary but good systems remain for generations. IGAD and AU have distorted our cause and the reasons for fighting. It is illogical by any standard for one tribe to suppress, terrorize the entire population and pretend to negotiate unreasonable peace on their own tribal terms?

Author, T. Shaka

The view and opinion expressed here in the article are articulated to the writer.

T. Shaka is the frequent contributor of SSLN




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