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Even if fame comes in many ways, in the 21st Century, miracle is not enough to catapult a semi-illiterate drunkard the likes of South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir to geopolitical podium, leave alone the ability to challenge the US and United Nations, and defy their dictates.  

While North Korea’s Kim Jong Un earned his title as rocket man by means of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Technology, especially the recent successful launching of the Hwan song 15 which according to experts now puts most US cities within range of nuclear attack, for President, Salva Kiir who has no technology to make toilet papers and toothpastes, his sudden ascendance to the pinnacle of influence, with ability to pull ropes with giant nations is utterly incomprehensible. Perhaps United States see him as “Africa’s Rocket man”, and not ruthless drunkard as the majority see.  

This could perhaps explain why even Ambassador Haley’s tone lacked authority typically expected of any US representative when she described Salva Kiir as “an unfit partner” for peace process in her recent speech, instead of employing command-words or deliver ultimatum. 

It was under full watch of the US/United Nations that Kiir repeatedly violated the peace agreement and committed untold human right abuses. 

He stubbornly promoted those army generals who were responsible for the monstrous crimes, to higher ranks. All Amb. Haley could do was only to lament and let Kiir get away with the barbaric act. 

These are men who led the slaughter of innocent South Sudanese children, women, and old men. Hundreds of victims reportedly were buried in mass graves. And the Government of South Sudan decided to promote their killers, said Haley. 

Such lamentation only works to embolden him (Kiir) because he is getting the attentions any illiterate person would wish to get. He doesn’t feel any pressure because he doesn’t understand formal English. He relies fully on his interpreters; the likes of Makuei Lueth and Ateny Wek Ateny who wouldn’t want to deliver any bad news to their master. If US was serious about Salva Kiir, Haley would be giving ultimatums and not lament like any helpless victim of the tribal government.  

Since South Sudan returned to hostilities, several foreign workers, experienced the brutality of the barbaric regime. During Obama’s presidency, South Sudanese soldiers invaded the Terrain hotel in the capital city of Juba and gang-raped several foreign aid workers without condoms, thereby exposing the female victims to risk of HIV infections considering the high rate of HIV prevalence in South Sudan. Unconfirm reports put the statistic of HIV positive regime’s soldiers to 98.3 %. But Obama’s administration chose to side with the criminal regime, referring to it as “legitimate government.” 

Whether unconsciously or not, the lack of action by United states has crowned the bearded alcoholic (Salva Kiir) as Africa’s Rocket-man. The only language would have put him on his toes was that of Donald Trump’s “fire and fury.” Anything less than that simply emboldens him to catastrophic level. 

Nicholas Osobi 

Revolutionary Columnist, 

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