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April 26, 2017


General JJ Okot by selling his soul to the devil has committed a great mistake for himself and his family. Where does he expect his family to live when he is gone? It appears he really doesn’t care but just to pull others with him on his way to the grave. JJ Okot knows very well that there is always a price to pay when he involves himself with the demon. No matter how long it takes he will answer for it. This is a clear indication that he has chosen to isolate his family from the society to which he originally belongs by offering to work for the devil.

General Okot, if you would allow me, I want to tell you that Macho [Madi and Acholi] is not that you know of those days when every individual walked on them. You know, I know they went along to confuse and separate them, get them kill each other for their selfish interests. Today, you need to understand that if anyone of them is bleeding, everyone is bleeding too. Your attack on Acholi and Madi areas and now by your Jieng is a pain to both.  Together, they are absorbing the impact as they are now macho and strongly fused that no one will let them fall apart. They know all the forces that where bringing division among them. Don’t think general Okot the fact that the few individuals you have destroyed by pulling them to support you is a solution. In fact, they don’t exactly know what they are doing. You brought the Jieng to finish us but you should also know that God has created us for a purpose and wouldn’t let you and your Jieng to get rid of us in any way. The mass killing you are conducting in Pajok and continue to do so elsewhere will come to an end one day. But remember, the price to pay in future.

To you Macho, I guess we need to educate ourselves before we have a more solid and positive approach. You know you have taken away the major blow which Kiir has for the Nuer. Kiir and JJ Okot don’t just only want to finish you but to take your entire land and it is up to you to allow it. At any rate,  if we are to stop JJ Okot, his Jieng brothers and his brats, we need to think well.  What do you do when your food store [granary] is attacked by notorious three rats? Do you go on crying instead of trying to do something? You may be surrounded by enemies and please do you think anybody will come to rescue you? Think twice because they could cause you more damages. Are you going to sleep in the store to protect your grains? There may be a number of answers to solve our problems with Okot, Kiir and all our enemies. I leave that into your hands. Do you think if you gave up now it will be better? Just expect the opposite and maybe worse for that matter.

You of course do know that your enemies are both internal and external. At home, we have our own blood [three or more of our own people betraying us]. What do you do about that? It is always said, snake is killed with the nearest stick. What sticks do you have? When I was growing, we made various types of traps to catch field and house rats. What traps do you have to trap those three rats and more? Remember, this is a situation whereby three rats verse the whole population of Macho and their children. The betrayers and JJ Okot have their family and children living within our reached. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want any harm to be done to them but can’t we bring some of them to taste the life in the bush as a change to the life they are enjoying now? We will then see how JJ Okot, Oling and Omoya would like it. Incidentally, JJ Okot and his team too should be laid traps everywhere. That means the whole population of Macho everywhere in the world should hunt them. It should be the responsibility of every Macho to tighten their movements in Juba and anywhere they go.

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