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April 2, 2017


TT Shaka

Soon and very soon the depression wind called “The East Front” will also be felt on the East African nations. Kenya may be the next to experience the worst if Uhuru Kenyatta masses up with upcoming elections. Is there any African country immune to what south Sudan is currently passing through? The people of   South Sudan might have acquired the immunity of the situation but what about you? I know, despite of the hot pan environment in south Sudan, your people may think it is cooler and will jump into it when the time comes. Probably by now I thought you understood this kind of wave will not leave out Uganda, Ethiopia and the rest of the East African States except perhaps Tanzania I believe because Julius Nyerere built his ujama villages on a rock.

When I read the condemnation of the arm groups in South Sudan by IGAD, I was very much stunned and my blood ran cold. It really appears that East African Leaders or IGAD have never learnt from their past mistakes when they dipped their heads into South Sudan problems without or with very little knowledge on the people and their problems at the end achieved nothing but created a chronic problem instead.

If you want to solve a problem between two peoples, you don’t start with judging anyone of them. Condemning the arm groups in South Sudan right after your bogus meeting is not only senseless but adds hate. It also proved that none of you is mature enough to handle a fragile situation.  How could you reward Kiir who has and still is bulldozing the innocent in the country? Kiir has made hundreds of promises to the people of South Sudan and kept nothing. How could you believe his unilateral ceasefire once again? Is it because Museveni and Uhuru Kenyatta in particular who are part of our problem are sitting among you? Don’t forget we southerners are not blind. Neither you nor the world will stop us from achieving our freedom this time. People die every day and anywhere from various causes and therefore note that we are determined not to give up to you and your Kiir until we are free. The blood money he gives you will be a curse and one day will give you a miserable death too.

By the way, who among you is speaking for the East African Regional Leaders as you are all cheats, corrupt, killers and untrusted like Kiir?If you can’t and haven’t solved what is in your backyards, how do you assume you can do  so for someone? Don’t think because you have suppressed your people, all is safe. Sorry! I forgot that a thief is always in protection of another thief and that is exactly what you are doing with Kiir.

When I was younger, my father once told me, “Don’t pick up endless talk with someone who can’t understand unless you are like him/her” Kiir and all the Jieng influenced by him are very stupid. Nearly 12 years Kiir has been in power could have changed for the better but now see where we are. Do the rest of Jieng understand that or have concern for other tribes? Neither Kiir nor the Jieng can justify what they have done South Sudan. No single word or writing beautiful articles, complains, accusations or any defense can solve our current situation. Jiengs are born without shame and have failed to acquire it over the years. The Jieng thought only the north was the problem and once they are not in picture with the South, they could walk on the rest of the tribes.

Fellow countrymen, if you want to experience peace, forget talking about it to anybody. Jiengs, IGAD, AU, or UN at the moment doesn’t have any meaningful talks. Your freedom comes from the field and no Jieng will freely give you. Who are they after all to give you anyway? They have taken it away from you and you should take it back. Who gave them the right to take away other people’s freedom, land and yet pretend that when we talk of rights, we are wrong? Wherever you are brothers and sisters, time to talk to Jieng is over. To talk as a nation, so many things have to happen.

If the Jieng think they are enemies with the Nuer which of course makes it silly to say. Why do they have conflict s with every tribe in the country?  The wars are about greed or only Me., Wakeup Southerners and let’s give an end to this war once and for all. Jieng shouldn’t think them ow us and this land.

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