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March 25, 2017


TT Shaka

One of the causes the war in south Sudan isn’t stopping or will not stop is because Kiir and the Jieng still have continuous resources to eat, pay Museveni, Kenyans, and their Leader Uhuru and also buy friends to come and finish us up.

Can someone tell me how many of the oil fields are under the control of the Freedom Fighters of Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile? Do some of the Freedom Fighters and some Southerners have a hand in benefiting from it apart from Kiir and his team? If not; what are the decisions of the Freedom Fighters about our resources being looted every day especially the oil? Is there any reason for them allowing this ongoing looting?

Kiir can only be weakened properly if the oil doesn’t get out of the ground. To allow the flow of the oil and the minerals to support his livelihood at our expenses is totally our mistake, don’t you think so? We need to pass clear and unsway messages to those involved in supporting Kiir with the oil and mineral money obtained in South Sudan or exploration to stop their activities until the war is over. Thereafter if the message was not taken seriously by, anyone we would just consider them enemies like Kiir and unfortunately they will be doing it at their own risk too. We wouldn’t trust anyone of them even after the war. If anyone wants to have a friend, he must be one. The resources of this land don’t belong to those who are looting, killing the people with bullets, knives and starvation when we are capable to produce enough food for our self.

The Enough Project has often written beautiful reports but just for the ears to hear. What actions have been taken both by the American government, UN, AU IGAD and all the Powerful nations? If Enough Organization wants to help the people of the South, they should give more pressures on the governments and individuals or companies supporting or dealing with Kiir. They should let him leave. Otherwise with Kiir in power, nobody should expect any peace in the south.

Dear Southerners, where do we really stand in our situation in the country? For many years now, I have heard of many different voices. Others want Kiir to leave so that we can decide what the south tomorrow would look like but others talk of implementation of agreement. What agreement is there for us to implement any way? Remember, until we have specific program to hold onto, we shall continue to see betrayers maybe until peace is obtained if we are lucky. Many Equatorians have been like earthworms moving in confused directions. Can you stop or get rid of them for betraying you?

Eia Taban is one out of hundreds fake church leaders and individual southerners Kiir has placed his hand on and this will be seen for days to come. If you heard of Juda who betrayed Jesus, we have a number of them in a real life today. If you aren’t aware, majority of Jieng religious Leaders are as dirty as Kiir is. They go to church in the morning and become devil worshippers for the rest of the day. Can you trust such people?

I guess we all know the word taban means tired and if so, all the Tabans are tired of life and want to take some people with them to the grave.


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