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March 21, 2017


TT Shaka

Greater Equatoria has been in incubation for years and if Lt. General Thomas is the chose to take care of the hatching eggs, that would be awesome too. But the General should understand that the Equatoria of today is not of the past. Equatorians need a stable home for their children and their children. General Thomas must have strong magnetic fields to pull the Equatorians together especially those already fighting in the field. To do this in a remote control from Ethiopian would not be the best way in my view.

As a thought to what Equatoria we would like to see, it should be built on principles and these principles must be on a solid foundation or reflect permanent hopes for the Equatorians. Therefore, our focus should be on the Vision and the Mission of Equatoria. In this case, support for our vision, mission and principles will lead to total support for the Leader and the successive ones. Our Leaders will be the focal point to drive us through. It won’t matter if we call it a movement or a party in future.

We all know Equatoria has history but we shouldn’t let the bad history to contaminate us. It would be better to weed them out before we get to the future, No one should dream that after the prevailing war, south should be the same. I don’t know how many of you enjoy being called south Sudanese in any part of the world for the shame Kiir and Jieng brought on us? I get nervous and wouldn’t like the word Sudanese to be used on me. It appears I am allergic to. I suggest before the war ends, we must come up with a better word than Sudanese.

I guess you would agree with me that Equatoria must not be allowed to be Jieng property never again. Just imagine a Jieng Chief in our villages controlling our lives too. Is this not fooling or intimidating us? The Greater Equatoria shall become a territory or Region from which we shall have states. If south is to hold together, then Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal will be Territories too and will have their State. All the three can incidentally then form a Federal Government. Our new constitutions shouldn’t be drawn to have room for others to walk on us again as Kiir did with his Jieng.

Professor Wani Tombe may be gone but I suppose his dreams are being synthesized by many Equatorians. This is the reason I said earlier if Equatoria has a solid vision and mission, it will survive even when the Leaders are gone. I understand Dr. Henry did his part in GRECOR but if the vison is to live with Lt. General Thomas, Equatorians need peace and their homes forcefully taken away by people we gave hospitality to must be regained.

It was often said, charity starts at home. Therefore our call to fight as Equatorians or to build unity among us before we join the rest of the southerners who feel the same pains brought to all of us by Kiir and his Jieng doesn’t mean they are alone especially the Nuers. We may fight individually until the entire south is liberated and thereafter decide what kind of south we want to have. Unless the Jieng who have been used by Kiir change and join us, they will force us to take pay-back attitude in future. We won’t force them now and the choice is theirs.


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