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March 15, 2017

TT Skaka

This disease hasn’t mutated since God created the greater Equatoria and unfortunately no known formula or cure has been developed for it. Every Equatorian knows at least a few of the major symptoms of the disease. Perhaps it is worthy to remind you with the few in my mind.  Right after the CPA and later the independence the Jieng hijacked our freedom by claiming that the country is theirs we allowed them to bring us to our knees. Can we all recall there were a number of check points created by the Jieng in Equatoria while we Equatorians watched some of the creeping danger that swept across Equatoria up to today?

  • We show Jieng putting one foot every day into our freedom space but we kept watching them.
  • A jieng while passing our homes would shout from the road side “Is there sex to sell”? They tried every means for us to react but we turned a death ear.
  • We show things that affected us as Equatians or an individual Equatorian but we assumed that was not ours.
  • They slept with our wives, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and yet we felt this didn’t matter.
  • When they started killing us one by one, we still said, this was about Nuer and Jieng.
  • Even when our homes don’t exist, we can’t still fight together for our freedom. Who do you expect to do it for you?
  • We know Equatorians like to talk more than action. They think action belongs to some one
  • I don’t want to point out all our ills but I know you too know them more than me. If they don’t affect you, something must be wrong with me. The above are only the some of the symptoms of our Equatorian Disease [ED] but what we need as Equatorians is to mutate for the better.

When I read articles showing a number of wise Southerner leaving Jieng government including prominent Equatorians such as General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, I was so pleased. However, few days ago when the General said he was forming an independent movement, I had a very sleepless night.

Is it wise for any person who has just quailed from cartulary school to assume his/her receipt is the best and will be accepted by the public? How many of us do believe and accept General Cirillo’s recipe? I don’t frankly.

Our problems aren’t looking for new recipes?  The current recipe we have in the field is enough. What we only need is to franchise. Let me ask you one question, will any KFC or McDonald that opens today in any part of the world for example would have an independent new recipe? That won’t happen. This can be with us too. We don’t need a new brand but use the existing one.

Until yesterday the General was part of a government that not only destroyed the country but kill, rape, kidnaped, detained innocent citizens when we thought we have already come out of sufferings. Where was the General when all these were happening if he thought his recipe was the best and would work? What took him so long to realize the damage caused by his government?

In my view, it would have been better if the General went and joined the Monyo-Miji in Torit, the Macho [Madi and Acholi], the Kuku, the people in Yei, Juba group and any part  of South Sudan fighting for Freedom now in the field. He would have probably learnt a lot from them as well. Do we need many more our own independent movement to defeat Kiir and his Jieng? I don’t know how General Lagu from a very small tribe was able to unite the whole tribes in the South during Anya-Nya 1 including the Jieng who have become so shellfish now? We had only one body but very determined to give the north enough pressure for our rights. Can’t we emulate that in our present situation?

I hope we are on the same page that freedom fighting is not like a political party though many were born out of them afterwards. We do need one solid movement in Equatoria and if it becomes a party in future, it will be the best as well. In the meantime, we need to break through or release ourselves from the York of Jieng bondage. We have the education and the expertise in every field than to work as slaves for Kiir and Jieng. What I believe is impeding us is just me, me….instead of we, we….

Please General Cirllo, may you first think of how to kill the animal before we think of sharing the parts. How long it may take us, we will win. The guys in the field in Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile so far have and are doing wonderful job. We need to support them than segment ourselves. Tell those who have not yet joined the movement to make up their minds to use the available recipe but not necessarily your own recipe. I guess everyone will gain from you as a member of a big family. God bless you. I strongly suggest we refine our thinking if we are to survive.

If you think the agreement with the Satan will result into peace, keep dreaming.  Kiir called for peace prayers while he continued to kill. I write my point of view not to oppose individuals who want to bring Kiir down in their own way but of course the peace should belong to everyone.

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