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March 8, 2017

TT Shaka

The Demons of Kiir and the Jieng know no God. Any leader who is not influenced by Christian believes and doctrines will not always make meaningful decisions for his people. Kiir warms a seat in Kator church almost every Sunday but his decisions have never been reflected on what he should have learnt from the summons. Which Christian religion in this world allows killings, rape, looting and many more? South Sudan has been blessed with rich soils; we couldn’t have been classified as a hungry nation even if rain fails in other parts of the country. Although we are not a nation yet, at least hunger in South Sudan is manmade brought about by Kiir and his Jieng.

At any rate, if the visit of Holy Father and Archbishop of Canterbury will bring a change in Kiir and Jieng in their relation with God, that would be a good testimony for them. I hope the Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby would understand that any change in Kiir will not help the South but for him to leave. As long as he stays in the government, the door to indefinite war remains opened. May I remind the both church leaders not to assume all is well when they touch in Juba please?  Our villages don’t exist. Majority of our people are either in the camps or in the bush dying in the rains, malaria, snake bites and any other unfavourable conditions they are forced to by Kiir.

However, I know God has power over all evils and if the coming of Pope and the Archbishop can bring that, thanks be to God. In any case, if Jesus could get annoyed to the extent that He went turning tables of people who were destroying His Father’s house, who are we not to take arms to free ourselves from the demons? It is my hope that the Leaders will understand that not just to visit Kiir.

In this article I am asking the world not to call us as rebels. There are no rebels in South Sudan. We are Freedom Fighters fighting for our freedom from marginalisation and oppression. The word rebel was introduced by Kiir and his world supports. Kiir has now mobilized all the neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and now Egypt to kill us. Kiir thinks if he can ground Macha, the war will stop but he doesn’t understand that the war is not Machar. It is about his bad rule and we can never allow being a Dinka nation in South Sudan.

I wish to appeal to the Leaders of our Freedom Fighters that forces of evil such as that of Kiir and the Jieng are not easy to defeat. We need to exert all our efforts to fight vigorously. If Kiir who is illegitimate to rule goes all over the world to borrow money in our names to use for him, the jieng and to buy weapons to fight us, why can’t we too find friends in the world who will fight with us? The resources in South Sudan they are depleting don’t belong to the jiengs alone, do they? We urgently need those weapons to bring down Egyptian, Ugandan, Kiir’s planes and others that are finishing our innocent people in their hidings.

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