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JUBA RoSS. 4March 2016.Reports from the south Sudan immigration headquarters in Juba has documented huge numbers of Dinka leaving the upper Nile regions, Juba and the country mostly to Khartoum. The same source said military personnel and government officials mainly from Dinka are evacuating their families mostly women, children and the elderly and the vacuums left behind by the evacuated families are filled by undercover Dinka soldiers in civilian plain clothes mainly believed to be the returning government soldiers from their new cantonments which is supposed to become their permanent settlements.

The same sources said Dinka in Unity and Jonglei states are moving their families to Khartoum in large numbers, not seen recently. Nobody know the exact reason as to what has cause the great trek or massive movement of large families of Dinkas from South Sudan to Khartoum after peace has been reached.

Recent report from Uganda too indicate vast majority of the Dinka who sought refuge in that country in places like Adjumani, Kiryandogo, and Arua  have left their camps and headed back to Juba and other places within the country while great numbers are proceeding straight to the Sudan. Credible sources revealed that after the disputed election results of Ugandan presidency, the Dinka council of elders has advised their people living in Uganda to leave for unknown scenario and for their safety.

This same source said if President Museveni fails to contained the internal security situation and should it turn in the violence, majority of Dinka living in Uganda will become victims and risks being massacred given the people of Uganda have hatred towards the them.  The Dinka Council of elders according to the reports also said since majority of the host communities where the refugee camps are situated in Uganda are sisterly tribes of the South Sudan’s Equatorians, the host community will allow their brothers from South Sudan’s Equatorian tribes to avenge on their people thus the fleeing of Uganda to Khartoum.

Yet the same source suggests that the massive exodus of Dinka without war and moving in opposite direction is a clear indication that the Dinka are preparing for more bloodshed. They argue, in past in preparations for war in the greater upper Nile they move their families to the Equatorian regions, now this movements of the same out of Juba must be seen as critical and can not be ignored but rather spells a dark and hidden agendas to launch imminent genocidal war against all those that stands against their born to rule agendas.


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  • Eastern

    Dear Editor,

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I predicted this on this forum some days back. As I write I see folks I personally know who had been deployed out Juba back in town – dressed in plainclothes roaming in the residential areas.

    There is no mechanism put in place by JMEC to ensure that those deployed out Juba indeed remain where they are. JMEC simply chose to depend on the goodwill from the side of Malong and Company. What type of trust and goodwill can be expected from somebody who swore to join ISIS if Dr. Machar and his followers are allowed in town!

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