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Malignant Malong

JUBA, RoSS. 1 FEBRUARY 2016.South Sudan Liberty News received, from a credible source,unverified reports coming from within the military intelligence network in particular from the office of the Defense Minister purporting that during the weekly security meeting in the office of the department of defense, called and chaired by the defense Minister Kuol Manyang, unexpectedly took a violent turn in which Paul Malong remain severely injured.

The meeting according to the source was part of weakly briefing by the ministry of defense on matters of security situation in the nation to the President of the nation.

However, this Monday’s security briefing was loaded with many incriminating agendas including the alleged use of chemical gas against the rebels near civilians populated areas in Lainya central Equatoria state and Maridri Western Equatoria state. Among other agendas included the government forces planned preempt attack in Magwi country EES as leaked and reported here last 24 hours.

Our source disclosed that a dispute arose between Kuol Manyang, the defense minister and his subordinate chief of general staff Paul Malong. The two accused each other for authorizing the use of chemical gas against the resistant forces in the two Equatorian states. Our source pointed out that Kuol Manyany, grew out of control, accusing Paul Malong for authorizing the use of such banned chemical gas against rebels and civilian without consultation or authorizations from him, as Paul Malong has tendency of reporting directly to the President instead of reporting to Kuol.

It was said pressures had been accumulating between the two, the Monday usual security briefing brought it to a boiling point. Kuol Manyang was very furious shouting that the usage of such banned chemical weapon against civilian leave alone rebels would have terrible international repercussions and a very negative image for the already struggling Kiir’s government and could lead to indictments for some or all of them in International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, The Netherlands.

He shouted to Malong in the presence of Kiir that, the use of such banned substance in conventional war will amount to war crimes and who shall be accountable?

However, our informant said Paul Malong did not buy the argument calling Manyong a weak defense minister and soft on the useless thungs, saying it is his duty to clear the terrorists by all means neccessary who are threatening the security of a country for which he fought, liberated and for which his people died; so Paul Malong argued for more chemical gas against anyone threatening the existence of current government and he said such use will be extended to the planned Magwi county, Eastern Equatoria campaigns, he added that the current ongoing war is a threat to the existence of Dinka people and their livelihood, as such any uprising in Equatoria must be dealt withswiftly and heavy handedly. This commend was not received well by Kuol Manyang, to his embarrassments, Obutu Mamur was present in the meeting.

Hearing such assertions in disregards to his authority, Kuol Manyong grew furious and out of control,rushed to Malongs chair and punched Paul Malong directly in the face with rapid rounds, causing Malong to collapse in front of the President. After gaining his consciousness Mr. Malong responded with a blow of his own, proceeded to stricke Kuol Manyany with his walking stick. Then further physical confrontation (fighting) ensured between them, and again Kuol had taken the upper hand, he again punched Malong full into the face causing him to collapse this time unable to rise up, the president shouted orders for the two to immediately stop fighting like children but was too late as Malong remained unconscious, was rushed to the Juba Teaching hospital, subsequently to Nairobi, where he is currently being treated with life threatening injury.

A medical commentator reached by SSLN, states that any blow that results to a prolonged loss of consciousness is serious and life threatening and likely from a bleeding in the head and could result to death if there is no immediate neurosurgical interventions something Juba does not have, reason why he is flown to Nairobi. A CT-Scan of the head likely revealed a bleed; otherwise they could have not rush him to Nairobi.

South Sudan Liberty news has been unsuccessful in verifying this report given the sensitivity of the incident practically it cannot be independently verified, however, history tells us that previously at the onset of the country’s crisis such physical confrontation ensured between Kuol Manyany and Obutu Mamur and this was later confirmed, it seems this time Kuol Manyang has learnt his lesson to punch first, because in the previous confrontation, he Kuol was a victim, being punched by Obutu Mamur and according to the people who witnessed the physical fighting between Kuol and Obutu which also took place in the presence of Kiir, Kuol was beaten badly by Mamur with resultant loss of front teeth. It is said those who leave by the sword die by the sword, yet others call it Karma. The Malignant Malong is doomed to reap what he sows daily in our beautiful country that now is stained with blood.

Justin. S. Kwaje.


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