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BY DR. PETER J KOPLING. AUGUST 30TH 2016. The deceit coming out of Juba is beyond believes. Flurries of abominable statements made from Juba have been enough to fool even the supposed seasoned and world renowned politicians the likes of John Kerry, the secretary of states of the United States of America, but Not South Sudanese who know first hands the situations here on the ground.

It is important to outline certain timelines for those uninformed about the crude South Sudanese politics or rather lack thereof or ethnic one. It is essential to remember Juba did not want to sign the peace deal expressing serious reservations, indeed IGAD-Plus had to chase after Kiir and he signed it while profusely sweeting here at the Nations Capital rather than in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. But now Kiir and his gang claim they are happily and speedily implementing the peace deal, is someone fooling someone here? What aspect are they implementing and which of the reservations in the deal are they throwing away?

Were the implementations not meant to be a compromise as it was named, a midway between what Kiir wants and his tribal cohorts and that of the Opposition, by extensions most South Sudanese? He dislikes the peace deal such that he quickly cooked the 28 tribal states in order to derail the peace deal and now he is implementing it, if so what?

Was the implementation suppose not to also address these 28 states he curved out for his tribesmen while the opposition wants federal states under the 10 as stated in the agreement? How about the raiding of other peoples ancestral lands that will be return to their rightful owners if democracy where to succeed? What of power sharing as well as accountability to the crimes committed against south Sudanese majorly by Kiir’s Militia?

So where is Taban Gai’s stands on any of these core issues for the absolute majority of South Sudanese and how will he satisfy the genuine oppositions who demand for things contrary to what Kiir wants? Which of these core issues will remain firmly under Kiir and his JCE in this illicit marriage between Taban Gai and Kiir rather than a true proven opposition to Jieng agenda set against south Sudanese? Is it any surprise then they hate Dr. Riek Machar with all their souls and might and literarily to death? If they can never forgive Dr. Riek for 1991, why will we forgive them for 2013 and 2016? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Now it must be pointed out that from the money of the people that was squandered by Kiirs government, the JCE have enough resources to pass to their children from one generation to another, plus the opportunity to solidify grip on South Sudan’s Power base but also territories, all within reach at least as they see it. The very vision articulated by Dr.Riek Machar threatens these things thus their abhorrence for him, how about Taban Gai, does he have what it takes to stand and oppose the JCE who gave him his position for which he betrays his own people and the people of South Sudan? Leave alone do we know where he stands other than for money and positions?

This is what is at stake for the Dinka under JCE. Thus these shall not be given upon voluntarily. What is however at stake for the rest of South Sudanese is the lost of lives, freedom, power and ancestral lands, cultures and languages, as the Jiengs are bend to ethnically displace and cleanse the rest of South Sudanese and resettled their kin as they have already done all over south Sudan.

This being the case, then there is no possible peace in south Sudan under Kiir-Taban-JCE, Evil Trinity.

It also need to be recognized that the JCE are highly educated bunch old devils that have no need to work for a living, thus from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed and even between sleep, all they do is cook and invent tricks to fool south Sudanese and the world of how to maintain their grip to power and how to rid true oppositions the like of Justice Sule, Dr. Wani Tombe both dead, Governor Bakosoro, Clement Wani Konga both politically disabled by none other than Kiir, leave alone what he did to Dr. Lam Akol  and but of course also the relentless and insatiable thursts to kill one they preached and convinced themselves in believing and propagate among themselves and their kins as the arch enemy of the JCE and the Dinka, Dr Riek Machar, has anyone ask themselves why?

They would have the world to think the problem of South Sudan is Riek Machar, but is it? What about these other national leaders I just mentioned above, some who have already been killed by kiir. How about the fully talented and world class politician Dr.Lam Akol who was not even allowed to leave Juba for the peace negotiations. How about the numerous Journalists that were either Killed or locked up for freedom of expressions, how about University professors and Academicians who are exiled for speaking their Minds?  Are these not what makes our country unstable and unsafe? Are these the work of Riek Machar or obviously Kiir and JCE? Who is being fooled here to believe the problem in South Sudan is Dr. Machar?

If their Problem with Machar is because of 1991, Which they claimed led to their perceived delayed success of South Sudan’s independence, what about the so many national separatist leaders who died in the hands of Kiir and Garang, what did this do to the movement’s success or failure toward south Sudanese separation from the north? The younger generation has now witnessed how Kiir and Garang dealt with those who disagreed with them, so who are to blame for that split of 1991? Do they hold Abel Alier to this same contempt when he stood at the side of the enemy in our first journy of liberation war? What bunch of hypocrites and tribalists!

How about now the Massacre of south Sudanese by Kiir which exceeds anything that has happened in the soil of South Sudan under any other person, the Arabs inclusive? Has Kiir not superseded Machar in any killings of any kind anywhere? We haven’t heard of Machar attempt against Kiir but kiir against Machar now second time but numerous times in this last ordeals extending from J1 to the bushes.

Additional deceits they came out with is the talking point with straight faces that Riek Machar is violent and must renounce violence…. Very laughable if it was not that they actually got John Kerry and the gullible white people to buy into it. The Classical case in Psychiatry of projections, a typical example given is a cheating wife wills accuse her husband of cheating while she is the one-committing adultery not the husband. This people have lost all moralities and Christianity.

These success in deceits is partially possible because they have recruited white Intellectual mercenaries influencing Washington DC, these are American who have taken blood money at the expenses of lives that are lost here daily in South Sudan.

Now let us recall, this recent Violence that erupted in Juba, without going into the obvious Cleansing of Nuer from Juba by none other than the very Kiir who now is calling Machar Violent. This same Machar had his home bulldozed with 18 bodyguards killed in 2013, while this time his tent was flattened by helicopter gunship and he had to run for his life yet again with numerous of his body guards killed but also his associates and the man arrived in Khartoum on gunnies, who is violent?

Who started the July 8th Violence? Was it not when George Abdlraham, a senior SPLA-IO general, security officer was gunned down by Kiir in Kator, his body taken to Military morgue in the Midst, while Machar was going from church to church, to include Dinka Church, where he was received violently by those who claim to be peaceful/ While Machar was doing this, Kiir was killing Machar’s officials. Who is Violent here?

As if the death of George was not enough, two days later another SPLA-IO Official, security officer of Nuer ethnic group was also gunned down. In none of these Kiir condemned nor brought the perpetrators to books, but how could he if he is the one who authorize such violent deaths against fellow Citizens.

Mind you through out all these Machar did not call tit for tat or declared the peace was over because his men were being eliminated one by one. So who was being violent here?

The above was followed by Kiir’s soldiers initiating a firefight with Machars units on Gudele Road resulting into five of Kiir’s men dead. It was this death from his side that prompted Kiir to Call Machar to his own house, the J1.

Suspecting nothing and still believing in brotherhood, Machar reported to Kiir’s house alas was a booby trap, Malong’s men ambushed the president’s very own house and started a gun fight right at Kiir’s own house and they wiped out half of Machar’s body guards. Who is Violent here?

The news is out now that it was the Americans that called Kiir and demanded the safe passage of Machar out of J1 thus Kiir personally had to assured that Machar got out of that trap alive because of the American pressure. Now who is Violent here?

Indeed if the Killing of George and his Nuer Colleague, the fighting on Gudele road as well as the trap set for Machar at J1 were all unplanned, what then was the reason from pursuing Machar at J2 and the ensuing 5 day of unabated and constant attempts to kill him with his body guards having to fight back in self defense to the last man? It is now reported that Kiir spent 1.8 Billion dollars in this recent attempt to Kill Machar. It is a misnomer to call this latest violence Kiir instigated in Juba a war, it was not a war, How could it be a war when the other side have just 1300 soldier against 50,000 SPLA-Kiir that never left the city as was demanded by the peace deal for this very purpose? It was an assassination attempts against Riek Machar whose men fought back starving the attempt.

What do we make of Machar’s tent being totally destroyed, forcing him to head into the Bush? While in the Bush until his escape into DRC, was he not followed, battled all along and are the dead bodies from both side not witness to Machar ordeals all the way to the border with DRC where some of his very trusted official got gun down by the helicopter gunship, were all these Machar’s aggressions?

So my fellow compatriots, while the JCE succeeded to deceive the white people the like of John Kerry, I am confident you are not fooled. It is very clear to us south Sudanese who is violent between Machar and Kiir.  I am from the greater Equatoria, Kiir has terrorized and killed my close relatives and those who survived many are now displaced in refugees camps some leaving in bushes dying either from Kiir’s gun or from disease. These are not running from Machar but Kiir. Machar has not killed a single person from my family or region but Kiir did and continue to do on daily basis and thanks to him death has touch every family in all corners of South Sudan, from Balanda country to Azandes lands, from the lands of Murus, fajulus, Kakwa, Bari Ma'di, Acholi, Ladujo, Pari, Shilluk, and not even to mention the Nuer Land.

My fellow countrymen while John Kerry gives us to the lion’s mouths, I ask you to vote here, who is to renounce Violence, Machar or the Killer Kiir? If you do not answer this questions, Wallahi, our dead from their graves or their unburied skeletons that has littered our Nations from the greater Upper Nile to Nimule, from Kapoeta to Azende lands shall vote from their graves and they know who killed them.

Now even after Machar is out of the country while Kiir-Taban and JCE Evil trinity claim to be implementing their convenient phony peace, ask the women and children of South Sudan, they will tell you there is no peace and whose gun they fear.

Who other than Kiir and his elites alone know about this peace they are talking about? As I write this there are people dying all over the country while Machar is recovering from his attempted assassination escape. Who are the aggressors here?

About Machar to stop practicing politics, where are we, in Luak? Is there no Constitution in this country? Is South Sudan a Dinka Village? Who on earth can tell another to not practice his constitutional and human right? Where do this people get their education, in Zimbabwe?

By all standards, Kiir and JCE lead our country over a decade with nothing to show, which tell us they have no political aptitude, if there was such thing as telling someone to not practice Politics, will this not be the semi illiterate Kiir and the tribal JCE.

How about the latest JCE campaign that the regional IGAD leaders must not allow their territories to be for Machar to stage Violence, really? Could Kiir and JCE say this with straight face? How about practicing what you preach? How about stopping violence, which is ongoing as we speak here in Juba? Arresting and killing those opposed to you. How about stopping the ongoing Killing in Upper Nile, in the Balanda nation, Western Equatoria, In Yei and the Ma'di Corridor on daily basis.  How could they appeal for other state leaders not to allow their territories for violence while they pursue violence all over the territory that are under their hands?

The territory Kiir must worry about is South Sudan which he has turn into hell and he must stop using our national territory for harboring JCE and the Killer Malong finally him.

In conclusion I would like to address Secretary John Kerry, Peace shall never come in South Sudan from the hands of Kiir-Taban Gai and JCE Evil trinity. You had the opportunity to end this by simply calling Kiir out but you failed but worse enabled them and we south Sudanese have taken notes. Some one has advised you that the Dinkas are Majority and fierce fighters; if you dislodge them South Sudan will be unstable forever and become a Somalia. John Kerry, I said you have been ill informed and advised by the intellectual and PR Mercenaries.

Secretary Kerry, the Dinkas are less than 3million, of the 10 Millions South Sudanese, we the others are absolute Majority (Oh you are told we can not come together, I say wait and see). It is also worth noting, once the top evil JCE crumbles, the Dinkas are not homogenous, they will follow a nationalist who will join hands with the absolute Majority to move this county forward. But you lost the opportunity. There shall be no peace until the Evil Trinity is dismantle, for they are violent, tribal with deadly intent against all others South Sudanese not Just Dr. Riek Machar, while that is what they want you to believe but their records speak for itself. You shall watch this play out from your retirement comes January, hope you realize, you have added to and left a very dark chapter in the South Sudanese journey into nationhood.You might have recorded many successes in your life time but South Sudan is not one of them, does it matters to you in the first place? You have endorsed the Evil trinity and gave it life in exchange for many lives of much more South Sudanese, doe it matter  Secretery John Kerry?

Dr. Peter J. Kopling, MD


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