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Today Monday, April 11th 2016, in response to the government military buildup in Juba and securing all entrances to and from Juba and the utterly anti peace rhetorics made by the general chief of staff of the tribal army of Kiir, The SPLA/M-IO held an emergency meeting in Pagak.General Paul Malong over the weekend said as long as he lives Dr Riek Machar shall not become the President of South Sudan, to make his threat true, he brought 5 truck loads of Dinka Militia from his home State.  

During the emergency meeting of SPLA-IO military Council, comprises of the most senior generals, in their deliberation in Pagank, General Headquarters of SPLA-IO, the generals concluded that Dr. Riak, may not travel to Juba as planned. The Military Council expressed their disappointments and reservations about how and why Kiir could allows Paul Malong play with the country’s affair and ride free without any sorts of discipline given to him. This is not the first time Mr. Malong tried to spoil the hard earned peace agreement, which claimed many lives of the citizens of our nation.

The Military Council’s decision is based on the current militarization of the capital Juba, and other surrounding payams, the Council further said they are monitoring what would be the intention of Juba behind remilitarization of what is by now to be completely demilitarized.

Since the arrival of the militias group from Northern Bahr El Ghazal in the weekend, the general security of Juba is totally in the hands of these tribal militias of Malong ferried from Northern Bahr El Ghazal., home state of malignant general chief of staff Paul Malong.

The council further in their emergency meeting have discussed about the stationed and deployment of Helicopters and other heavy weaponries in Juba and around Juba. The so called new Helicopter are refurbished helicopters, by Sunday evening they are stationed not far from the camp of the forces of SPLA-IO, it was not clear why those helicopters are displayed in all the strategic corners of Juba.

The council of military briefed the generals about the blockages of all the entrance to and from Juba, and said Juba has become fortified and militarized city. 

Meanwhile sources within the government confirmed the of the stationed Helicopters closed to vicinity of the SPLA-IO camp in Jebel, and also confirmed the newly arrival of militias group who are not part of regular army on department of defense pay sheets of the Republic. This means then the Dinka Centric government of Salva kiir Mayerdit is using the national treasureries for Tribal Militia that have no national agendas, an impeachable offense if there were functionl governance in South Sudan.

The same informant said most of the militias arrived in Juba on Sunday. Their arrival without briefing and without following normal military procedural chain of command has caused confusion and panicked within the military, he revealed.

According to a senior government commander who hails from Upper Nile, some of the militias have already melted among civilian populations in just hours from their arrival on Sunday evening. He said the fact that they melted with their weapons has aggravated the fears of the citizens and will make the already dire security situation in Juba very worse.

The situation in Juba is more of hostilities rather than peace implementation process. It is a trap for SPLA-I O members inside the capital.  Though the international community is alerted about the impending government’s day of doom, so far none of them have taken a decision to rebuke Kiir and his military chief of staff, the tribalist Malignant Paul Malong.




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