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March 30, 2016, Nimule. To the alarms of the local citizens of Nimule, the last few months have seen an astonishing increase in armed robberies. It has become dangerous walking on the streets of Nimule after 10 PM. Many business locations have been robbed and homes have been broken into. This is a culture were such crimes were unknown but these days they are common place.

 The citizens of Nimule have long given up on the police who are toothless and no one ever got caught. In occasions of murders when some one is reportedly caught, it is usually a local who is a scapegoat. Native have long been suspicious of the squatters being the perpetrators of these out of place crimes. There suspicion is now confirmed.

 Two days ago, some men, armed with AK 47, attacked the custom locality in Nimule targeting the trailers that were parked with boat loads of goods waiting for clearances. They managed to move away large amount of goods, chiefly food and clothing before the security caught up with them and a gunfight ensured. One of the robber was shot in his right leg which disabled him and unable to run while his fellow criminals managed to escaped leaving behind their wounded kin.

 This wounded robber turn up to be a Dinka, one of the squatters in Nimule, who was quickly rushed to the Nimule Hospital by the same security personals that shot him, who themselves are Dinkas. Given he suffered significant blood loss, the doctors were not able to save him, the thief died of his injury.

 There were no further words from the Dinka centric authorities, although this now dead man is a clear lead to be able to round up the rest of the thieves but given their privileged and above the law ethnicity, the case died with this one Dinka.

 It has become very clear that the Dinkas have imported insecurities all over south Sudan. With this, their culture of robbing cattle is now translated into robbing anything of values at gunpoint to include taking lives inclusive of the national treasury. Nimule is no longer safe thanks to the Squatters, and the cat is now out of the box.

 Andrew Olweny



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