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Yambio 25 Feb.2016; Mass grave have been discovered at Asanza a suburb near Yambio Airport in the near by teak forest.  Locals in the near by suburb of Asanza in Yambio WES have been complaining of bad smell in the teak forest and along the road going to Kasia just after Bazungua on Maridi road,  it took some brave men mobilised by local chiefs in the area who actually wanted to find out what have been smelling so bad, they began searching in the area for the past week until they were shocked today as they found what they describe as evil place. They fund several bodies scattered in large shallow ditch, many of those bodies show signs of tortures and some have gone bad  been beyond recognition, and some of the bodies are without heads.


Unable to count how many the bodies were, this horrific discovery have shocked the whole of Yambio town and many people are questioning that how could this happen, others are looking at this as an answer to what has been going on here in Yambio where young men are just disappearing and no one knows where they are.  

Asking some locals to hear if they have notes something in the area, one woman told us that some times she hear people screaming in the forest at night but because of the insecurity in town no one can really come out and ask what is going on.

One man told us openly that don't look for those who did this, its the Dinka SPLA killing our children in the middle of the night, these days the SPLA does not want to see young boys around they only come and pick them and accuse them of being Arrow-boys and start killing them. In another separate search more then 5 bodies were also discovered under the bridge of Uze on Nabiapai road south of Yambio.

we the Arrow-boys are directly accusing the SPLA government of Juba for sending SPLA forces to WES to commit these horrific crimes against the people of WES. This is the answer of the everyday killing which is going on in Yambio. Its not that these innocent people have committed crime for them to be treated and tortured to dead by governement forces. But the SPLA are actually going house to house in some areas arresting young man and boys only to be torture and kill them at night. State government is not talking about it they know something is going on but all they do is maintain silent.

This is why no one should blame Arrow-boys who are defending the people of WES. One man who did not want to be identified told us that the SPLA/M Juba government just doesn't want the people of WES to exist that is the reason they arrested former Governor Joseph Bakosoro, that is why till to this date government couldn't give the apparent reason and they can’t explain why he was arrested, look at what is happening in Mundri killing everywhere now we are hearing there is war going on in Ezo since yesterday, "we the people of WES like any other citizens of the Republic want live in peace," said an old man.

"Juba Government is preaching peace in the day time but killing innocent people everywhere in WES in the night," he added.

We in the WES are calling for impartial and independent investigation to be led by UN so that justice will prevail and we are calling for the government to immediately allows independent medical team to identify the remains of those who fell the victims in the hands of their government, so that their remains are return to their loved ones for decent burial. 

Spokesperson For Arrow boys

Western Equatoria State

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