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BY DAVID OTITI WAMBURA.30 DECEMBER 2015. KAMPALA, UGANDA. Last night, violence erupted in a suburb of Kampala, the Ugandan Main financial Capital between the Dinka people from the troubled nation of South Sudan and the locals.

The Dinka who belong to the Ruling presidents ethnic group are found in Large numbers in Uganda, Many with unclear immigration status. They also belong to the Nilotic Sub group who believes in Power rather than peaceful means of settling differences.

Per eyewitness, last night a fight erupted in a nightclub in Kawampe, Kampala, between the unruly Dinkas and the locals. It is reported some few Dinka Man got drunk and picked a fight with Ugandan locals who returned them the favors. After the rest of the Dinkas Jumped into the fight, Police got called but who too were attacked by the South Sudanese migrants leaving the police with no Choice but to open fire on the belligerent South Sudanese.

From the nightclub, instantly a Musician was killed, whose identity and nationalities the Authority have not released. The fighting spread to the neighborhood and surrounding areas of the nightclub. Several houses and buildings were burned and very many,un numbered Dinkas got killed. Most of the Dinka Death resulted from direct fights with the Ugandan Police. No number of casualties by the authorities have been given but many eye witnesses reports significant human and property loses.

The Authority reports that by this morning, things were under control and the number of casualties have not been released. There is no word from the South Sudanese Embassy in Kampala or from Juba.


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