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z22 AUGUST 2015. Juba.Reliable sources from Uganda and inner circles of Kiir confirmed with certainty the ominous and profound loss and death of the renowned south Sudanese lawyer Peter Sule Abdelraham, and Elias Lino Jade both were yet another prominent sons of Equatoria.

Reliable sources who contacted this news site reports both Sule and Jade were abducted while visiting relatives in Adjumani, Uganda and since then non of their families heard from them. Last week a Highly regarded and well read Opinion Writer on South Sudanese matters, Mr.Alhaj Paul issued a statement on behalf of the family of peter Sule, and the statement was published in  various websites including SSLN, pleading for any information leading to the whereabouts of Peter Sule.

The operation to kidnap both men from foreign land was reported to have been executed by Samuel Lor, Kii’rs intelligence chief who tracked down both Peter Sule Abdurrahman and Elias Lino Jade from their hotel in Adjumani.

Since 24 July 2015, the two men have gone missing and they were believed to have been taken to undisclosed location. The government of south Sudan has not informed members of their families and Uganda nor UNHCR has taken initiative to trace the whereabouts of the two missing men under their protection.

According to the reliable sources who spoke to south Sudan liberty news from within Kii’r inner circle the men were subjected to harsh,  and degrading inhuman treatment before they were both executed by firing more than two weeks ago, and their remains were damped in the River Nile to covered up the murders.

This is the second high profile assassination carried by President Salva Kiir against the sons of Equatoria this year alone, first the poisoning of Prof. Wani Tombe from his hotel room in Addis Ababa, and now lawyer Peter Sule and Elias Lino Jade.

If anyone thinks he is safe in the hands of this killer regime, he/she is just kidding himself/herself; all outstanding sons and daughters of Equatoria are marked with sure death should they raise any voice against the Jieng tribal regime. How convenience is it that all the big name deaths happening in South Sudan are Equatorian and inclusive of Isaiah Abraham, the common denominator being those who are opposed to Kiir but yet none from Kiir’s camps are dying this type of death?

South Sudan Liberty news and its crew are profoundly saddened and yet again condemn with the strongest term possible the serial eliminations of opponent through assassinations. We extend our prayers and our heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the murdered Patriots. RIP Peter Sule and Elias Lino Jade.

Justin S. Kwaje

Juba, RoSS

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