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Juba, 28 Sept 2023; In a recent gathering of influential figures within the IO (Sudan People's Liberation Movement-In Opposition), this publication can confirm that the decision-making body of SPLA-IO converged in an unconventional decision-making process led to the nomination of Dr. Riak's wife for the crucial role of Minister of Interior. The meeting took place at the Pyramid Hotel in Juba in which no cameras or news media were invited, a source who attended the m balloon meeting and preferred in Prive said the atmosphere in the room was like hot air before the meeting and after, members were divided but after tense deliberation, SPLA- IO leaders decided to nominate the wife of Riek Machar, Madam Angelina Teny.. 

The nomination process began swiftly when someone nominated Dr. Riak's wife, which was promptly seconded. However, not everyone in the room was on board with the choice. Some attendees questioned whether Ms. Riak is the only prominent women figure in SPLA-IO, or whether she is the only qualified woman for the position. 


Tensions escalated as the protester's words hung in the air, leading to a surprising turn of events.  

According to another source with knowledge of the meeting, Ms. Angelina inhaled insults against the individuals who questioned her nomination. 

Ms. Riak reportedly reacted by throwing her shoe at the protester and shouting, "Worthless generals, how many of you know the road from Juba to Congo!" This unexpected outburst was followed by a moment of silence, only to be broken by laughter and enthusiastic cheers from the attendees. In the end, Ms. Riak received approval for the position. 

This incident highlights the intricate and often unconventional dynamics of power struggle in South Sudan politics, where personal relationships and affiliations can play a significant role in political appointments. 

This event and previous nominations in high posts within the main opposition place the movement on a side of history. observers questioned Riek Machar's family power grip and the appointment of his close family members in high positions. 



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