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Entebbe, 17 Sept 2023; President Museveni of Uganda hosts South Sudan's President Salva Kiir at State House Entebbe, Uganda amid President Kiir’s Health Speculations.

In a notable diplomatic meeting, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda welcomed his counterpart, President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan, to the State House in a gathering marked by both friendship and the growing health concerns of Mr. Kiir. 

President Salva Kiir arrived at the State House in a stately motorcade, but what raised eyebrows was his apparent difficulty walking without the aid of a walking cane clutched in his right hand. Observers noted an unsteady gait, wide and shuffling steps, and a noticeably stiff posture—symptoms that have led to speculation about the possibility of Parkinson's disease. 

Dr. Jane Kopling, a prominent medical expert, expressed concern over President Kiir's visible physical symptoms, suggesting they may indicate a medical condition such as Parkinson's disease. However, no official statement regarding his health status has been released by South Sudanese authorities. 

This isn't the first time President Kiir's health has come under scrutiny. The health of the South Sudanese leader has been a topic of concern for some time. South Sudan's government has a history of secrecy when it comes to the health of high-ranking officials, often leaving the public in the dark about the well-being of their leaders. 

The meeting between President Museveni and President Kiir was brief, and no official press release was issued to provide details about the discussions held. While the focus of the meeting remains undisclosed, the state of President Kiir's health has now become a prominent subject of conversation both within South Sudan and among international observers. 

As speculations about President Kiir's health continue to circulate, there is a growing call for transparency and accountability from South Sudanese officials regarding the well-being of their leader. Concerns about his ability to govern effectively amidst these health uncertainties are also mounting, making it a matter of national and regional significance. 

The international community will be closely watching for any developments in President Kiir's health and the broader implications it may have on the stability and governance of South Sudan. 

Last year while preceding over commissioning of the Juba-Rumbek Road, President Kiir was caught in a live video peeing in his pants raised questions about the state of Mr. Kiir's health however, his office kept it secret, South Sudan's state-owned SSBC journalists, news editors and cameramen were later abbritery arrested by South Sudan National Security services for exposing the act and were later released without any charge been brought against them after the international pressured mounted on J1.


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