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Kajo-Keji, 24 January 2023; Fighting broke out between heavily armed Dinka Bor cattle herders and outnumbered Kajo-Keji youth. The situation gets worse after the assassination of Mangalatore Payam Executive chief Charles Tomilyan by suspected cattle herders of Bor who invaded the area with tens of thousands of herds of cattle.  


The representative of the Kajo-Keji community defense force said they are neither affiliated with any political party nor are they part of any rebel group in the country and they are not rebelling against the Juba government.  


The group's representative who spoke to this publication accused the Dinka Bor cattle herder of creating insecurity, agitation, intimidation, killing, cattle hustling, and all forms of bigotry in the area. Besides, the Kajo-Keji community members who owned cattle had their native livestock taken by Dinka Bor cattle herders. He further accused the invading cattle herders of grazing in the farmland, looting food items, and raping women and teenage girls. He said their main objective is to take full security of their homeland and ensure all the cattle herders return to their ancestral homeland.  


The group identified itself as a community-based protection force. Their representative said, all the options available were exhausted through peaceful negotiation facilitated by the Juba government, NGOs, and UN human rights agencies. However, the effort invested has yielded zero results.  


in a related development, last weekend more than ten thousand cattle with heavily armed cattle herders from Bor invaded Lainya County, and tension is already high between the local population and the invading cattle herders.  


Meanwhile, this publication has learned that the government is planning to send troops to Kajo-Keji. However, it was not clear whether the deployment is aimed at protecting the civilian population or protecting the herder. Hence, people are very skeptical based on the previous government deployment of South Sudan people's Defense Forces to protect the cattle herders against the helpless unarmed civilians.  


A few days ago, some high-ranking SSPDF elites were accused of supplying the cattle herders with ammunition and brand news AK47s and heavy machine guns 


In a related development, vice President Rebecca Nyandeng, the wife of the late John Garang who supplied weapons to the cattle herders in Nimule also held private meetings while on an unofficial visit to Mangala. She contributed to the fighting in Mangala last month by supplying cattle herders with weapons as she did in Nimule last year. 


South Sudan Liberty News has learned from a reliable source that this afternoon President Kiir convened a meeting with his security advisers and army chief Gen Santino Deng Wol to address the situation in Kajo-Keji. 

J. Roberts Swaka 



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