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new arrival of cows in equatoria from Jan 2023
new arrival of cows in Equatoria from Jan 202

Lainya, 05 January 2023; Heavy fighting erupted between Dinka Bor cattle herders and the youth of Wunduruba, Lainya County Central Equatoria state. According to several eyewitnesses fighting broke out in the early morning hours at around 4:00 AM on Wednesday. 

According to a reliable source from Lainya town a group of armed people believed to have moved out from the Dinka cattle camp in Wunduruba attacked a nearby village in the early hours of Wednesday, the assailants killed three people including a pregnant lady, a child of three years and two other unidentified children aged between 8 and 11 years. 

An hour later the local youth from the area regrouped and launched counter-attacked on the cattle camp, the cattle herders responded heavy-handedly by use of machine guns and Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPGs) the indiscriminately use of the heavy machine guns resulting in injuries from both sides. 

A representative from the cattle camps allegedly said during the cause of fighting an estimated number of 200 cows were stolen, over 500 cows were injured and 267 Cows were confirmed dead. However, this publication cannot independently verify this. 

The Dinka Bor cattle herders who have been causing havoc alleged that the unknown attackers have also looted their valuables properties such as money, the non-law abiding Jonglei cattle herders allegedly said the attackers are from the NAS group of Gen Thomas Cirilo. However, a representative from the Wunduruba youth vigilante group refuted the version of the cattle herders, saying the youth are defending their vulnerable mothers and sisters from roaming untamed cattle herders. 

A local leader in the area confirmed the loss of lives, he further said three children died and one pregnant woman as a result of the fighting, he blamed the Dinka Bor cattle herders for killing the three children and expected mother. 

Among the dead are three (3) children and one (1) pregnant woman. Three (3) children and one young boy were wounded, all three are in critical condition. 

He identified the dead as Poni Kenyi, 11 years Mundari girl, and a pregnant woman as Kiden who also hails from Terekeke County, the two other children remained unidentified. 

Roberts Swaka 



new arrival of cows in equatoria from Jan 202new arrival of cows in equatoria from Jan 202

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