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Nimule, 22 August 2022; South Sudan Liberty News regrettably has learned about the unannounced visit of South Sudan vice President, Rebecca Nyadeng Mobior to Nimule Ma`di land. 

The visit of Rebecca Nyadeng who holds high profile position in the government and herself hails from Dinka Bor raised eyebrows. it was not clear why vice President Nyadeng's visit came at the heels while tension remains the highest between Madi hosts and her Dinka Bor communities which poses a security threat to the host community with several people killed. 

A community leader who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal against his life, said it is saddening that the visit of Rebecca will fuel violence, why did she come alone, "why hadn’t she included local administration leaders?" Worst she visited none of the local chief but only the Dinka Bor, he concluded. 

He said," with profound sadness and pain I condemn in the strongest term the recent unofficial and unannounced visit of, Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior to Ma`di land in Nimule on 11 August 2022 for five days without an accompanying official national member from Ma`di, Eastern Equatoria State, nor Magwi County and the local head of Payam administration." 

He further said, "such a sneaked in at a high tensions zone by any official leave alone Rebecca Nyadeng De Mabior at the time where there is insecurity through the acts of armed Dinka Bor cattle herders, harassing, killing, burning houses, including the recent broad daylight killing of chief Ebele John Alex, killing and dismembering of unarmed civilians in Mugali, torturing, and looting food items from the people of Magwi County, " highlights her role as a tribal leader rather than a national one and places her at the center of arming her people against the host community. 

The unannounced visit by such a high profile the likes of Vice President Nyadeng De Mobior will translate into more violations of human rights by the armed Dinka Bor community living illegally in Magwi county. 

Vice President Rebecca Nyadeng should be investigated to make public her reasons for the visit, those she met, and why she did not visit local authorities or the families of those killed by her people. we in South Sudan Liberty publication called for President, Salva Kiir to investigate the illegal five days visit of the vice president to Nimule.  

An informant revealed to this publication, that during the 5 days visit, vice President Nyadeng had been meeting the Dinka Bor youth, chiefs, and business community from Dinka and also met with the barrack commander of Nimule. 

Another source said, during and before her visit, there were indications that guns and ammunition were ferried to Nimule and Mugali, funded by Rebecca Nyadeng, this is in preparations for the cattle herders to inflict more atrocities against the host community in Nimule and Mugali in the coming days. 

We at South Sudan liberty news urge the government of South Sudan and the international community to take notes and hold Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng responsible for arming the Dinka Bor in Nimule and Magwi county and for the lives that will be lost in the coming days in the hands of Dinka Bor in Magwi county. 

Andrew Olweny 


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