Nimule, 12 May 2022; The Dinka bor Squatters in Nimule shot and killed two policemen, the deceased officers are identified as Lt Joseph Taban and Police constable Charles Odyongo Juma, both are from the Nimule police post.  

Lt Joseph Taban hailed from Madi while constable Charles Odyongo Juma hailed from Latuho, the deceased are from the Eastern Equatoria state.  


Trouble started on the fateful day when the criminals grabbed a motorbike commonly known as Boda-boda and refused to hand it to the owner, source who witnessed the accident told South Sudan Liberty news, the police were alerted by someone about the growing number of Dinka bor squatters who took advantages of the motorbike incident commit revenge killing for the cattle raiding in Mugali two nights emailer


The officers were killed in cold blood, when the two officers were sent to calm the situation, they were overpowered by the Dinka criminal who were armed with AK47s who shot and killed the two Govermement officers at close range, the officers were not able to defend themselves since they didn't expect the event which started with the grabbing of a motorbike will cost their lives.  


Another source divulged to this publication, that after killing the two police officers in cold blood, then they went rampant beating people who hail from Madi and other Equatorian backgrounds in Malakia west near the residence of Joseph Lagu. The same source said later security forces were deployed in the area to restore calm.  

A source closed to the Nimule custom area said security has closed the border crossing to Uganda, civilians are overtaken by fear unable to leave their homes.  

 Three civilians from Madi were also injured by the Dinka Bor youth and have been treated in Nimule regional hospital and the remains of the police officers have been taken to Nimule regional hospital for autopsy.  


Additionally, an informant who asked for his identity to be concealed said several civilians have sought safety in churches across the town fearing that the Dinka herders and Dinka bor in Nimule are planning further revenge attack.  


The youth group from EES however, issued a stern warning to the criminals and herders that shouldn’t they, the Bor Dinka not refrain from avenging their cows on unarmed civilians, their response will be swifts and devastating.



This heinous and gruesome killing of law enforcement who were doing their work as required by the country’s constitution should be condemned, and the perpetrators must be brought to book to prevent a repetition of this barbaric, inhuman behavior by Dinka Bor cattle herder and in Nimule. If the Dinka Bor can regards themselves as above the law and kill police officers this way what then of mere civilians who are unarmed and traditionally peaceful communities that is now turned into a killing ground by these arrogant and lawless criminals herders from Dinka Bor? UNMISS must intervene to halt blood sheds any further.


SSLN expresses condolences to the families of the police officers and the children now left fatherless.


Andrew Olweny 


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