Nimule, 11 May 2022; Clashes among two cattle herders Tuesday night in Mugali, Magwi County claimed at least 20 lives. a security source who spoke to this publication on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media said fighting erupted between two Riverly cattle camps of Twic/ Tuic Dinka and Malual Dinka. 


The informant revealed to SSLN that the fighting started when a Twic Dinka man accused the wife of Malual Dinka Madi wife of collaborating with cattle raiders from Eastern Equatoria last month in Jeleyi suburb of Nimule. 

when the Malual Dinka Madi wife reported to her husband, the two men engaged in verbal insults, after which they all went back to their respective camps, but the Twic man went and mobilized 15 youth who came and torched the hut of the Malual Dinka man and took away six cows, this for the Malual Dinka torching down their houses and confiscating their animals is seen as a sign of humiliation. Hence, the Malual group organized quickly and went for revenge with guns which resulted into gunfights throughout the night leaving 20 people lifeless. 


Per unverified reports by SSLN and other news outlets, the dead include five women, three children, three wounded heroes, and nine men, and a score more others are missing or sustained severe injuries. 


Another source within the police in Nimule said it might look like the shooting which claimed at least 20 lives is staged by the cattle herders in collaboration with senior South Sudan People's Defense Force to justify the deployment of the army to protect cattle herders from future attack by the cattle raiders from EES. This, according to the informant, it is because the cattle belong to these high ranking military officers. He said the plan was hatched in a closed-door meeting in Nimule but unfortunately it got out of control, with the outcome not as they planned. 


The same source said the army and other security agents are playing a double standard, when the host community was attacked and displaced by the herders, the army sends in soldiers not to rescue the host community but they rather went and talked amicably to the armed herders and left without arresting the perpetrators or removing their guns but instead resupply them with ammunitions, additionally they did not shuttling the wounded for treatment as they did today for the herders.


An elderly woman who escaped from Mugali this morning said the herders were already ransacking houses of the host community and looting goats, chickens, and anything they can land their hands on promising revenge killings.


Since last week on Wednesday, more than 7000 displaced persons from the Madi host community have camped in the church of Christ compound in Nimule in dire humanitarian need. South Sudan Liberty is unable to independently verify the leaked staged shooting or the trigger and origin of the infighting between the Twic and Malual Dinka which resulted in the loss of lives, as the situation in Mugali remains tense and volatile. 


SSLN Appeals to the UNMISS to urgently intervene to put an end to this to and fro killings in Magwi county.


Andrew Olweny. 


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