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Magwi, 2 March 2022; At least three people are confirmed dead, killed by Dinka Bor cattle herders backed by South Sudan People Defense Forces in Abara Boma in Magwi, on Wednesday evening. 

The heavily armed Dinka herders according to the eyewitnesses stormed Abara village and its trading center at around 4:00 PM this evening (Wednesday) hundreds of huts were torched, among the dead include a woman and two children. 

According to eyewitnesses who narrate their ordeals to this publication after arriving in Magwi town, said everything happened just like the speed of lightning. 

" We were seated under a mango tree and sorting out some greens as we were preparing to cook supper, suddenly there were sounds of gun and we saw our neighbors running towards us saying “they have come”, (referring to the herders)" says Lakica Monica 

The intensity of the attack was so fast that it caught the entire village by surprise according to another witness who said she nearly came eye to eye with the attackers. 

" All was calm but somehow people knew the herders are preparing to revenge on the host community for what had happened on Sunday, I saw about ten men dressed in SPLA army uniforms, she is referring to SSPDF, first I thought these are government army or bodyguards of Landit, [an Acholi word for a big person] Johnson Okot, but when they began to set houses on fire and shooting, I started to run toward Panyikwara," said Lucy Ayot  

Thousands have sought safety in Magwi County Headquarters and many families are scattered in the nearby bushes it is a very precarious situation as the cattle herders from Dinka Bor are all over in the bushes. 

Clashes between the Dinka cattle keepers with a group of unidentified cattle raiders left 20 dead last Sunday in Agoro Payam Magwi County Eastern Equatoria State. 

Please stay tuned for more updates. 

Andrew Olweny 


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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Let them leave us alone..we don't want trouble

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    I wonder what they really want...The government belongs to them,they are fully armed,in a way that the government can't even disarm them.
    Remember that our lives belongs to God not the superior Dinkans..I know we can not really challenge you that much because of the power of your guns.
    Yesterday, they shoot my brother dead on a bridge and burned my grandmother in her grass thatched house..
    These Dinkans have done beyond imaginations .They slaughtered every person they come across in Agoro...
    What do they really want?
    Let this murderers leave as alone... Imagine they are even backed up by the soldiers of the government.
    I hope there next generations may not leave to always regrets what their fathers did.
    Please,Mr Bior,tell your people to leave us alone.leave as alone.....
    Let us bury our lost-loved ones ......BUT REMEMBER GOD IS WATCHING

  • Opiombira Kiirendeazele

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    The Dinka Bor are doing to eastern Equatorian exactly what the Russian are doing to Ukraine. The Dinka Boor invaded eastern Equatoria, killed and continue to kill with suppliers given by Kiirs government. The Dinkas have committed ethnic cleansing and continue to do the same. They drove the land owners as refugees and IDP cleansing them from their lands…They the DInkas under Kiir have committed war crimes against the south Sudanese people starting from 2013 against the Nuer and now against the people of Eastern Equatorian

    Comment last edited on 2022-03-03 01:15:40 by Daniel

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