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Juba, 18 August 2021; There is a saying, " you can catch a thief by his footprint" apparently by now we don't need to catch the thieves of the Juba-Nimule highway Monday shooting by their footprints.

President Kiir on Tuesday was quick to point fingers to the group of holdout of General Thomas Cirilo, though all evidence indicated that the criminal road bandits whose Monday victims were women of God whose work is to pray for the country including the President himself.

People of South Sudan have also witnessed the execution of the three young innocent boys from the Olobo tribe on the video. Criminals within the army who were supposed to be arrested have exalted and purified themselves as the army of the nation had gone in the village, arbitrary arrested the unarmed youth and paraded them to the road users before rushing them away into the bush and executed them immediately.

However, the justification and exoneration by the criminal within the army have been put to shame when one of the survivors who encounter the shoots, described one of the soldiers as the tall soldier, who step on the back of one of the sisters ( Nun) demanding for money, but the nuns who work voluntarily in the church have no money on them, so this prompted the tall soldiers and his other colleagues to shoot randomly at those four nuns who escape and to cover in the bush, instantly two of them were gunned dead.

The survivor also said the soldiers wanted to burn down the bus, they kept looking around for fire to burn down the bus but they failed to get fire. The survivor said the soldiers were shooting randomly aiming their guns at their victims. According to the voice recorded by a traumatized survivor, the soldiers were all dressed in military attire with red brett like those bodyguards of the President.

The viral audio which has gone public since Tuesday has now supported and echoed the statement of one elder his identity this publication has protected, during an interview told our correspondent that the soldiers have rounded those innocent and killed them, he challenged the soldier to produce the killer weapons the boys used to execute their victims.

Now the dirty game of Kiir and his thin militias killing innocent road users based on their ethnicity has been exposed and the people of South Sudan must demand the answers as to why nuns are executed by the government army. The People of South Sudan should ask the Catholic leaders special Archbishop Stephen Ameyo Martin and Ret Emirate Bishop Paride Taban not to remain quiet.

They should demand answers and explanations from Kiir and Kiir should take the personal lead to see that the entire battalion of these criminals network in the army disbanded and the criminals punished and sent behind the bars.

J. Roberts Swaka


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