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South Sudan people’s Defense Forces Executed Three local youth Suspects On Juba Nimule road

South Sudan People Defense Force (SSPDF) on Tuesday executed three suspects the army accused of laying deadly ambushes on the country's Juba-Nimule highway on Tuesday.

Three deadly highway ambushes at rush hours killing two Catholic nuns, two men all were returning from Loa Parish Catholic 100 years Centenary celebration.

Shortly after the Tuesday morning ambush, the army was quick to deploy troops to provide security for the road users, however, the army entered into nearby village in the Olubo area quickly grabbed three suspects whom the army says are part of the criminal network causing havoc on the country's busiest highway and summarily without investigations executed them on spot.

The relatives of the suspects who spoke to South Sudan Liberty correspondent in a condition of anonymity for fear of their lives accused the army of arbitrary arrests of their teenagers and killing them in cold blood. They said the army shouldn't be looking far for criminals because the criminals are within the army itself.

A civil servant from Olubo Payam said the army is the one causing havoc in the area and blaming these crimes on the youth in the area is a diversion tactics, he said unless the living condition of the army is seriously being looked into otherwise the criminal activities along the major highways will continue since this is the way for the army to feed their family, he said such ambushes are organized and aided by senior generals or commanders because they benefit from the looting.

A passenger had witnessed the arrest of the three boys and monitored the army dragging the boys into the roadside extrajudicially executed them by firing.

Many Facebook users on Tuesday and Wednesday expressed their outrage for what had happened, others blamed the army and the inactive Juba government for not providing security for road users as the highway has seen many killings.

Eyewitnesses who survived the Tuesday ambushes said the attackers dressed in army uniforms similar to that of SSPDF and were speaking Juba Arabic. while the executed suspects speak only the local language said one of the survivors who asked his identity not to be made public.

One of the elders from the area said the boys were found seated under a mango tree playing a local game, they have no firearms and challenge the army to produce the guns.

One Facebook user said the army has violated the rights of those suspects, the army should have taken them to the competent court and charge them if proven guilty the law of the lands should apply on them not jungle laws. He said how is it fathomable that the criminal outside the army could have penetrated the army and committed such despicable act while the army has deployed heavily along the Juba-Nimule highway to provide security for President Kiir, Vice President James Wani Igga, and many other government officials including the army general chief of staff General Santino Deng Wol who were in Loa for the 100 years of Loa Parish Centenary celebration.

Dit Wol, another Facebook user said the army is trying to protect its criminal network by arresting the innocent souls, " I think the shooters are the same people who arrested innocent boys, God is watching your action" concludes Dit Wol.

We in South Sudan Liberty News send our message of condolences to the Catholic Church of South, the families of the two nuns, and the other two men who were killed in the cold blood along the Juba-Nimule highway.

We condemned the army in the strongest possible term for carrying out an extra judiciary killings. We call on human rights groups to investigate these killings and bring charges against the perpetrators including the Kiirs government.


Justin S kwaje


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