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On the tenth independence of South Sudan, President Salva Kiir pleads not to return the country to civil war. President Kiir says the unity government would be focused on peace, security, and rebuilding the economy of the country. 

Meanwhile, President Kiir blames the international community for the slow implementation of the 2018 Khartoum Peace agreement that returned his former archenemy Dr. Machr to his former glorious post of the vice presidency. 

President Kiir further says the sanctions imposed by the United States and other countries in Europe made it hard for him to implement the peace agreement. 

Kiir added that he was in negotiation with the regional leaders to lobby the international community to lift the armed embargo imposed on South Sudan, to enable the country to procure arms to graduate the much-anticipated unified forces which is core to the implementation phase of security arrangement. 

South Sudan is expected to have 83.000 strong joint unified army forces, however, down the road nearly three years no single batch of the unified forces have been graduated and most training camps have been deserted and President forces have remained in their barracks raising questions about the intention of Juba regime. 

President Kiir called for people of South Sudan to co-exist and should stop attacking each other, he also says if the economy stabilized the government would devise a plan to purchase the massive firearms in the hands of civilians, he says those guns in the hands of civilians are used for protection of family property, therefore, it is not easy for the gun owners to give them involuntarily but rather in exchange of something. 

Asked by citizen TV whether he would consider walking home and give the J1 office to someone else. President Kiir says he cannot walk away because that will create a power vacuum and power-hungry and blood-thirsty politicians will take the country back to civil war. 

On the hybrid, court supposed to be established to try the violent perpetrators and bring them to book, President Kiir says South Sudan needs the kind of model of South African style of Truth and Reconciliation justice system, not Hybrid Court because some of the generals and politicians could be powerful and strong to be tried in Hydraid Court, and some of general when indicted they can easily melt back into the bushes of South Sudan only to be followed by desperate men in the streets of Juba to cause new atrocities. 

According to reports, more than 400.000 South Sudanese died either in war or war-related action, and currently, more than 75% population of the country is in dire humanitarian assistance. 

While more than 3 million South Sudanese are living in the refugee camp camps in neighboring Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc. 

South Sudan got her independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 after 99.8 % of South Sudanese voted on the Referendum of South Sudan in January 2011. 


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