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Moli Tokuro Payam Chief Margret was Detained by SSPDF at her home

Moli-Tokuro, On 3 April 2021, the Payam Chief of Moli Tokuro, Ms. Margret was detained for about an hour, by the members of the South Sudan army, station in the area. The detention came after the chief met with major general Martin Gama Abucha, the executive director at the office of the first vice president Dr. Riek Machar, at her home in Moli Tokuro. Maj. General Abucha and his team of about a dozen people, including state MPrepresenting Madi with the ticket of SPLA-Io in Torit, Hon. Nasur Abdallah was traveling from Juba to Loa when they decided to pay a visit to chief Margret.

Major General Martin Abucha Gama, is a four stars general who hails from Madi ethnic tribe and currently, he is the only four stars general, before the promotion to the rank, the only person in Madi with a senior rank was the deceased General Martin Kenyi Taratisio in the present line-up of South Sudan's army.

After the chief's visitors left, immediately members of the military intelligence from the nearby army barrack came and snatched the chief and took her to the barrack for interrogation. Among other things, they questioned the chief Margret who were her visitors. Even after the chief explained that the visitors are her relatives and men from the village, and some happen to be very senior government officials, yet the interrogators strongly warned the chief not to associate with "mujirimin" (criminals). They then released the chief.

After the interrogation, the army sent a well-armed squad in the pickup truck to pursue the team of Maj General Abucha in Loa. In the meantime, words got to the brigade commander of Aswa Cantonment, brigadier general Kocu David, that Major general Abucha was being pursued. Immediately brigadier Kocu David had to send a rescue team who came and escorted Abucha's team to the Cantonment site, hence avoiding possible confrontation and bloodshed in Loa.
In an unrelated development, a day earlier in Moli Tokuro area, a business truck overturned, killing the driver and wounding others onboard. Those wounded were taken for treatment in Nimule.
The aborted incident between SSPDF forces from Moli and SPLA-IO in Aswa Contoment site has happened when some section of Madi people have already made voluntary repatriation to their villages in Pageri Corridor Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan.

Andrew Olweny

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