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Is it an issue of mis-identity or ideological mind bankruptcy? on Wednesday South Sudanese social media users have expressed their resentment, discontentment against the old dictator in the great lakes region, Mzee President Museveni who was declared a winner of Uganda's just concluded Presidential election. 

Museveni's trouble started on Tuesday while addressing his National Resistance Movement party members, it was unclear what staired Mr. Museveni to used such defamatory words against the people of South Sudan.  

When Mr. Museveni wanted to illustrate Sudan's longest war between the Arab minority and black African majority in the process of explaining the domination of Arab minority rule over black Sudanese before the session of South Sudan from Khartoum.  

Mr. Museveni who always boasted about his Pan Africanism ideology said the people of South Sudan are not Arab nor they are black but rather blue, " if you look very carefully at South Sudanese, they are not black, they are blue, some of them are bluish" said Museveni in a 15-second video clip, the video clip has ever since been shared many times. 

However, this remark of calling South Sudanese people blue, a nonexistent human color has landed the Ugandan dictator into a deep sea. 

The unfortunate remark by the old man who seems to have not known his exact age has angered many South Sudanese especially the younger generation. The majority of them said the remark of referring to them as blue people is unfortunate, misplaced, outrageous, and should have not come out of a national leader like Museveni. 

Among those who expressed their disappointments and disapproval of the Ugandan leader's remark is Mr. Nathaniel Pierino Oyet, a senior member of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement in Opposition. 

“South Sudanese are not black, they are Blue people” ....” look at them properly, .... they are blueish...” 

The classic display of the collapse of South Sudan’s international relations. 

Museveni has never described any nationality in Uganda as such, but he finds it very convenient to mock other Africans, to be Black, Blue, green, and yellow." said Oyet on his Facebook wall page. 

Mr. Oyet further said, "Recalling, his arrogance, and incivility in Kampala; National Parliament at the State of Nation Address, and in Khartoum, SUDAN on state visit functions; M7 violently blew (blue) his nose and cleared his throat at the podium; Having led Uganda for all these years, to suggests experiences in politics, economy, and human anthropology and science and equally attained his Degree from University of Dar es Salam, I thought he (M7) could be better than that; very disappointing so call pan Africanist; drunk with power,"  said South Sudanese senior member of SPLA-IO. 

"The failure of government and leadership in South Sudan is not the failure of all the South Sudanese or does it change their skin color," said Oyet. 

He concluded by saying, "By now, Uganda’s ambassador could have been summoned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) or declared non-persona grate. 

Meanwhile, Sultan Pepe Soro, said, "It is really annoying to hear such reckless and outrageous comments from a person of President Museveni, very unfortunate to imagine." 

Like Soro, Mr. Daniel Ochan another Facebook user said, "So sad!! And this keeps torturing us for years psychologically. M7 must know his boundaries. From a laboratory of bad leadership to Blue people. Oh, God! 

Gatthot Koang wants to Unity government to respond boldly towards Museveni's unfounded remark, " When I first came across this statement, I thought it was a "Propaganda" if this statement really came from him، our unified government needs to respond boldly. Sadly, a person like Museveni easily utters such a word to describe us. 

Meanwhile,  Atiop David Deng blames the Juba government for its inability to care for its people. "I think the TERM blue according to him (Museveni) is that South Sudanese is unethical, meaning that we are useless in comparison to Uganda. Anyway, we are a mockery to the world due to our inability to manage our affairs, and every time, we are insulted by regional leaders. including al Bashir" 

Santo Goor Akol another South Sudanese Facebook user wrote, " Let them continue writing congratulatory messages to M7 while ignoring his venomous speech against South Sudan" 

Oyet Godfrey said, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will never take a step because all have stolen the country's money and built houses in Uganda. They are afraid of losing their asset in Kampala" 

Meanwhile, Piol Gau Gau, said, "We got no government to summon Uganda Ambassador to Juba. And would have involved calling back the South Sudan ambassador to Uganda. 

Juma Ludanga, said, "Real mockery, hope those who think he's a friend should see this well after all is not long ago when he said South Sudan is a laboratory for bad leadership. " back to the so-called leaders of today". 

Gatgong Thany cannot hide his resentment he too wrote, " Under the ruthless hands of the so-called "SPLM" we are reduced from human beings to sub-humans. No wonder, even M7, who happened to know us better, is so bold enough to derogatory references to us, like blue, a complexion never used to describe any human … 


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