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Heavy community fighting broke out between Dinka cattle herders and Lokoya tribe in CES

Torit, 11 January 2021; Heavy fighting between Dinka pastoralists group and native Lokoya community of Central Equatoria state has been going on for the last three days, a source from the area divulged to this publication this afternoon. 

According to the source, the fighting started after Dinka pastoralists grazing their cows in the area attack Lokoya village and killed three young boys and a girl. 

According to the unnamed source when the chief of Lokoya went to inquire about the killings of the three children the nomadic Dinka cattle owners detained the chief.  

This, however, prompted the Lokoya youth to mobilized in self-defend, the youth armed themselves with traditional tools like arrows, spears, panga and attack the cattle camp. 

The heavily armed Dinka cattle herders sponsored by South Sudan People's Defense Forces responded and repulsed the youth of Lokoya. 

Our source said yesterday on Sunday the youth regrouped on the mountain with more reinforcement and laid tactical ambush since then more reinforcement from neighboring areas are coming. It is believed both sides have taken heavy causalities. 

The same source said by Monday (Today) morning Dinka pastoralists have been pushed towards the Olubo area, as the youth are following them. 

Meanwhile, another group of the Dinka has been spotted heading with a large number of cows toward the Acholi Agoro area, people from Bari, Olubo, and Lothugo are expected to join as of yesterday the Dinka were attacking passenger vehicles coming from Juba and Torit indiscriminately.  

In meantime, other groups of cattle are said to be heading towards the Pageri Madi area, and in the next coming days, they will reach Pageri as they are seeking safety.  

What is not clear is whether the government in Juba is planning to send reinforcement to back the Dinka pastoralists as some SSPDF were already been seen by eyes witnesses fighting alongside the Dinka pastoralists in Lokoya area Central Equatoria State. 

Andrew Olweny 



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