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Hardly unknown to President Kiir that the proverb of saying your own dog can bite you has become true. 

On Thursday 17 December 2020, the National Dialogue steering committee, a body graced by President Kiir four years ago to work in his favor for him to solidify his political career released a damning report against Kiir and his long-time antagonistic opponent Dr. Riek Machar. 

The Steering Committee report says, "The Grassroots people demand that both President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar must leave politics if South Sudan is to ever move forward,” 

The report continues to explain “In light of the predicament the country is in, the demand of the people that South Sudan has a better chance of a successful political transition if President Kiir and Dr. Machar were to step aside, is quite understandable,” said the report. 

However, the report cautioned that there is a need to do that in a careful phase to phase transition to avoid any resultant chaos, cautioning that an abrupt or poorly planned resignation of both leaders could be destabilizing the country farther. 

The report says one of the options is to consider the stepping down of the two leaders immediately — if it is acceptable to the people and both leaders. 

The second option, it suggests, is for President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar to continue with the precarious transition as provided for in the revitalized peace agreement and they should agree not to run in the next elections after the transitional period. 

Furthermore, the report says the two leaders must commit not to extend the current Transitional Period and that there needs to be an elected government at the end of the three years 

However, on Friday the Press secretary in the office of President Kiir, Ateny Wek Ateny angrily reacted and said, “National dialogue does not have the mandate to ask President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek to step down as leaders in this country,” Ateny said. 

Mr. Ateny Wek, further said the recommendation is against the revitalized peace agreement. 

 “The revitalized peace agreement is the supreme law in the country because it mandates that if there are provisions of the constitution that contradict the agreement, then those provisions would be deemed to have been null and void so that the provisions of the agreement prevail. It is the agreement that is the supreme law in the country,” said Ateny. 

“Anything outside the revitalized peace agreement is outside the legal framework in the country, and therefore, it doesn’t have the force of law, so whoever asks President Kiir to step down is out of touch with the reality.” 

“These people who have written those recommendations are out of touch with the reality of the revitalized peace agreement.” 


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