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Juba, 3 November 2020; Angelo Beda, the co-chair of the National Dialogue committee blasted the Ruling Sudan People's Liberation Movement for failing to build the system in the world's youngest nation. 

Hon Beda was speaking in the capital Juba during the opening section of the National Dialogue Conference which attracted more than five hundred delegates and diplomats. 

The Co-chair of the National Dialogue elder Beda says SPLA/M as the ruling party has failed to install democracy, build a viable economy instead it inherits the old system from Sudan. Therefore, the people from the grassroots should blame SPLM for its failure of leadership, this he said including those who have broken away and have taken arms to fight against those who remained in Juba. 

He further said the miseries in the country were created by the people on top, " they quarreled, broke and use their tribes to fight for them" said elder Beda. 

He blamed the SPLM for incorporating the old Sudan's authoritarian system which has become tyrannical in South Sudan since 2005. 

Meanwhile, the governor of Central Equatoria state Emmanuel Adile shifted away from addressing the real issues that would heal the bleeding people of South Sudan. In his speech Governor Emmanuel said the people of Central Equatoria are for peace, however, his remarks landed him into hot water, social media users across Central Equatoria State reacted angrily saying governor Adile's comments lack maturity and he is unfit to lead the greater people of Central Equatoria. 

The specific remarks that landed him into deep hot water were when he praises and glorified President Kiir for been a peacemaker and champion of peace by initiating the National Dialogue, while his critics reasoned that in fact, President Kiir is to be blamed for in numerous and tremendous suffering inflicted on the people of South Sudan. 

The said President and his closed cliques have looted the country and emptied its coffer, and President Kiir is responsible for the death of half a million South Sudanese and more than 3 million displaced from their homes either living in United National Protection sites across the country or have taken refuge in the neighboring countries. 

In meantime, the African Union special Youth envoy Ms. Aya Sebit urged federal and state governors to employ youth, because youth is a core pillar. She said South Sudanese youth is accounting for 72% of South Sudan's 12 million population. 

She said youth are often not listened to, they are neglected community, this must stop. She said you cannot have a vibrant economy without youth employment. 




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