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4 September2020; General Thomas Cirilo Swaka, the leader of the National Salvation Front (NAS) while speaking to Wagume Arabic news he described 2018, Khartoum peace agreement as "unjust", and that it will not achieve peace in southern Sudan. 

General Thomas said this because the regime in Juba under the leadership Salva Kiir lack seriousness in implementing the peace agreement. General Thomas equally blamed the Sudanese mediators under the now-deposed detector Field Mashall Al-Bashir, he said both Al Bashir and the government of Kiir have their interests in the country.   

General Thomas said throughout the talks the mediation team from Sudan had been biased towards the government's vision.  

General Thomas said their reason to participate in the Rome Forum, is not to join the Khartoum peace agreement with the government, but they rather want a genuine deal that will address the root causes of the conflict in the country. 

General Thomas repeatedly said the 2018, Khartoum peace agreement was "unjust and null" because it strengthened the continuation of the tribal regime and the policies of oppression. 

The regime continues to use its policy of deprivation and oppression of the marginalized tribes of South Sudan and continued to divide the country along the tribal line and destroy its natural resources with impunity.  

He further said the agreement continues to strengthen the survival of President Salva Kiir in power, as a result, the people of South Sudan continue to live like slaves under the rule of Kiir and his anarchy. 

General Thomas throughout the country violence continues to surge and the regime continues with its policy of marginalization and oppression as such there is chaos and lack of freedom. 

Thomas said the opposition parties which signed the Khartoum deal were coerced in signing the documents without reading. 

"When we arrived in Khartoum, we tried, as an opposition, to discuss the fundamental solutions to the crisis, but the government did not allow us to do so and remained intransigent." Said Thomas. 

General Thomas the leader of NAS one of the holdout groups, he stated that some officials in the Bashir regime had blackmailed and seduced them, he added that they were directly threatened until some of the opposition groups signed the invigorating agreement however he said he and other groups didn’t bow down to the direct threats, so they refused to sign. 

General Cirilo said the modality use by the Juba regime to implement the peace agreement is very selective in some provisions, General Thomas indicated that the security arrangements protocol which till today lag behind should it be implemented they were convinced that it would establish an orderly security sector that would lead to the stability of the country. 

General Thomas described the National Dialogue initiated by President Kiir as restoring the Stone Age South Sudan and establishing the base of the strong eating the weak. 

Cirilo announced that they will continue to work on expanding their military operations throughout the country, and he dismissed those who accused him of leading a pro Equatorian insurgence and focusing only on Equatoria and instigating the regional agenda of Kokora. He, however, dismisses the criticisms directed to him and NAS, he said NAS is a new force of change for South Sudanese people as a whole not only Equatorians. 




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