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The land saga of Nimule town in Ma’di has never ceased to make headlines and stir heads in the circles of the Juba ruling elites. Vice President Wani Igga recently acquired a piece of land in Nimule illegally. This transaction was between Wani Igga and a bunch of hungry Ma’ di men who have been under duress to sell this piece of land.  

Having forcefully acquired this land, Honorable Vice President (VP) Wani Igga set out to clear the land and start construction but the plan met the resistance from the indigenous people he displaced. It became a crime when the Anzara chief tried to stand in defense of his people. 

The culprits who were involved in this dirty deal were:  

  1. Mr. Luka Lowira 
  1. Mr. Apira Joseph Ganyipira 
  1. Mr. Lagu Joseph [Makpwe 
  1. Mr. Ima Joseph  
  1. Anyalla, a businessman in Nimule 

Having seen the indigenous people’s resistance raise an eyebrow amongst the community, the national army was deployed to the number of about 3,000 men in Mugali, a village close to Nimule to secure and protect the land of the VP which he has promised to share with his boss Mr. President Salva Kiir. 

This is not the first time VP Igga has had an eye on the Ma’di land. It has been 4 years since Igga deployed his distant family members to settle in Moli, an area in Ma’di bordering the Southern Bari.  

Wani’s clinging on to power even if relegated to the 10th PV is purely to promote the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) agenda, which is to target the existential ability of marginalized tribes of South Sudan by displacement, unlawful killing, and forceful marriages and rape. Having sold Bari land without the consent of the indigenous people, he has now turned to tribes neighboring him in order to appease his master President Salva Kiir. 

It should be noted that this is not the first time a Ma’di chief is detained in connection with a land grab in Ma’di. 

The year 2013 saw the killing of Ma’di Chief of Anzara area Mr. George Ajugo Livio, who was forced into dirty land deals. When he later came out and publicly denounced the transactions, chief George Ajugo Livio was murdered cold-bloodedly in Nimule.  

The government dragged its feet in the investigation of the chief’s murder. On the pretext of bringing to justice the culprits, the authority ordered the arrest of prominent Ma’di elders and youth, among whom were Ambassador Angelo Voga, the Lopirigo of Ma’di, and his Deputy Mr. Lagu Jabakana Isaac, Mr. Max Azo, and elder Nasur Abdalla just to mention a few. 

These people were completely opposed to the illegal land gazumping by a bunch of Ma’di boys whose lives were also at stake – they either accepted the dirty deal or face being eliminated by the same authority. To date, no one was brought to trial for the death of chief George Ajugo Livio. On the contrary, two of our Nimule businessmen Daudi Kisire and Gwanya…...were executed in the view of many whilst they were at a recreation center. 

In this recent development, the chief of Anzara Mr. Alex John Ebele was detained for over 3 hours for interrogation. His detention was on the grounds of defaming those at the center of the illegal land sell, though it is clear that his detention was aimed to intimidate him to silence and not to pursue the gazumped land. The spirits of the dead whose graves were cleared and the innocent widows and orphans who were displaced from their ancestral land have been made voiceless as their chief, who is a voice to them who have been forced into a legal battle with the heavy hand of the authority - the GOVERNMENT.   

We the Ma’ di are watching these events closely, this time Wani Igga let there be no death.  

You have deployed the national army in Ma’di land to protect you and Salva Kiir’s interest in land that does not belong to you. You are doing this to your neighbors, but remember tomorrow it will be your children who will need these neighbors to save them from your enslavement.  

We, the Ma'di youth and the entire community would like to condemn this barbaric and illegal act of land grabbing in Nimule.  

We are aware you have the power of our nation's security at your disposal and you are abusing the power bestowed on you by the very people whom you are threatening and forcibly evicting from their God-given land. 

Finally, we would like to advise you to abandon the land you have acquired illegally, collect your money from these thugs, or count your losses. The 36, 000.00 SSP for 100 M square is just a small change, you have milked from the government coffers over the years.  

Should anything happen to Chief Alex John Ebele, we the Ma'di youth will hold you accountable and be assured that there will be no peace in Nimule as long as you and Kiir keep ownership of that land. This might look like a dream to you today, but remember, you will not die in that position. On becoming the 10th VP, you have to be ousted out and so will your immunity.  

Our peace-loving nature does not warrant you and your boss to abuse our hospitality as a neighbor. It does not deserve 15 army bases or barracks being stationed in the land, except to plot land grabbing and forceful displacement like you have done. 

David Aju Kanyara 

Voice for voiceless. 

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