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gordon Buay peeing on live video
Gordon Buay peeing on live video

Juba,4 July 2020; In what is seen as embarrassing video clip watch all over the world, South Sudan's ambassador to Washington, Ambassador Gordon Buay Malek disqualified himself and embarrassed the appointing authorities in Juba during Lakes state a live show on zoom linked to Facebook hosted by Peter Keny. 

Ambassador Gordon Buay joined the live video talk show when he was heavily drunk, knowingly or unknowingly, South Sudanese diplomat to the world powerful diplomatic capital Washington DC displaced his manhood in what can be termed as a public nuisance, the disgraceful ambassador visited the restroom (WC) while his phone camera was still live rolling on, the tall, giant ambassador Buay without shame began to fill the pot, with his manhood irrigation pipe, taking another guest by surprise prompting him to immediately alert the host, Peter Keny. " Please mute the ambassador, I think he is the one making noise". 

The other five guests who quickly noticed the unspeakable act of ambassador, setting them to disbelieve and waves of laughter, sooner the host noticed the ambassador was releasing the unwanted waste product by irrigating the toilet. The host quickly took off the public nuisance action of the ambassador from the live show. 

The following days the disappointed South Sudanese Facebook users took to express the anger towards President Kiir and his Washington Ambassador Gordon Buay. 

One Facebook user wrote, " How is he going to construe his shameless move of peeing and fouling fart in the air publicly, on the live video show on a social media panel discussion? Even if he has fallen into a vitiated temperature, due to the overindulgence drunk status, then, he should have, at least turned off his camera and did whatever he wanted to do, rather than spoiling the public decency." he continues, " I call upon President Kiir to act with immediate effect and suck him [ ambassador Gordon Buay] from the diplomatic mission. He has brought shame for all South Sudanese as an ambassador to the US that is reflecting South Sudanese face there." 

"Public disgrace. Going forward he should resign from deputy ambassador of South Sudan to Washington DC immediately," said Ezekiel Tongum. 

Yet another Facebook user said, " Kids learn from their parents, so Gordon Buay learned from Kiir." 


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