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Juba, 22 June 2020; A credible source who spoke to South Sudan Liberty on the condition of anonymity and divulged the details of a meeting between Ma'di elders, church leaders, and the new chief of defense of South Sudan People's Defense/ SSPDF. Gen Johnson Juma Okot, aka JJ Okot. 

The source tells this publication after the Ma'di elders congratulated General Okot on his new assignment, they then asked General JJ Okot about the unfolding situation in the Ma'di corridor, more so about the issue of cows and Internally Displaced Persons in Nimule and other parts of the Ma'di areas. 

The leaders of Ma'di also presented him with complaints of constant harassment by SSPDF in civilian population areas, and military detachments located in civilian residential areas. 

Surprisingly, the answer the leaders got from the new chief of defense Forces was outrageous. General Okot according to the informant, told the Ma'di leaders that he would not remove or dismantle the illegal military barracks and detachments erected illegally in the Ma'di area until Ma'di people concurred with their ploy and plot to integrate with the Dinka people in Nimule and other areas. " I won't remove and dismantle those barracks until you tell your people to accept to integrate with our Dinka brothers in Nimule and elsewhere in your area" JJ Okot was quoted by the source. 

This clearly spelled the long-standing agenda of the Dinka insurgency and land grabbing by forcing the indigenous people to be locked in the refugee camps in the neighboring countries in order to realize their dirty game. 

The ridicule and outrageous answer coming from the mouth of the chief of defense forces is an indication that General JJ Okot's appointment as the new chief of the forces is a tactical move by Kiir to ensure the smooth resettlement of Dinka Bor in Nimule and elsewhere in Ma'di corridor and forcefully integration and acceptance of Dinka Bor by the Ma'di as part of Ma'di people. 

The false proclamation by Dinka Bor demand to be accepted as Dinka-Ma'di has generated mixed actions across all walks of life among the South Sudanese both home and abroad 

No wonder in the recent Radio talk shows, these bogus IDPs, running away from real men of Nuer and Murle have been bombarding the Ma'di community to take them in and accept them as “Dinka-Ma'di” as they are destitute. it is a shame that in fear of fellow countrymen and in a plot to grab land, a whole tribe denounces its roots to acquire a new name, Dinka-Ma'di. Without shame, they go telling the indigenous Ma'di to relocate to Loa, Pageri, and other areas if they ( Ma'di) can't accept to coexistence with them [ the Dinka] 

As it can be recalled, the same JJ Okot in 2010, when he was appointed to the office of caretaker governor of Eastern Equatoria State [EES] by President Kiir, He General Okot unconstitutionally decreed the contested area of Ma'di land, Iwire and annexed it to his Acholi land, a move condemned and opposed by Ma'di and a section of Acholi Pajok, and accepted by his Acholi Panyikwara. This unfortunate conduct on General JJ Okot's part nearly brought the two brotherly tribes of Acholi and Ma'di into a bloody war. 

Now again General Okot is sounding the new bell of war, his new rhetoric and remarks are reminders how in 2010, JJ Okot ordered SPLA stationed in Ma'di land to a massacred unarmed civilian at the funeral place in Moli Tokuro leaving three people dead and a pregnant woman critically injured. 


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