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Nimule, 15 June 2020; As Uganda is battling the surging number of COVID-19, it seems all options are exhausted by the country's Ministry of Health Taskforce. 

Now the only option left is to blame the surging number of infection on South Sudanese national entering the country illegal according to the Uganda Covid-19 Taskforce, however, putting the number of surged on South Sudan's nationals is baseless as Uganda for more than two months has closed its borders with South Sudan, and the fact is opposite Uganda reported the presence of the pandemic first before South Sudan and it is possible the virus could have been imported from Uganda to South Sudan. 

The Nation's Covid-19 Taskforce, MoH, and the Government of Uganda passed a resolution on the illegal entry of south Sudanese last week on Friday 12th June 2020 to tighten up its security and military surveillance, Ugandan government resolved to use its local government citizen policing to combat the illegal entry of South Sudanese, this will include use of Local Councils also known as LCs and village leaders to FastTrack intelligence network. 

Therefore, all South Sudanese planning to cross must all be very cautious and careful, they should not plan to visit relatives in the camps, for now, this advice should be taken seriously, please remain in South Sudan until further notice. 

Among the resolutions of the communique to stop South Sudanese from entering Uganda includes:  

Disabling and shoot to kill approach to be affected at all times for the next 90 days at all the illegal border entry points in an event that any south Sudanese nationals have been seen or found. The taskforce agrees to apply what it calls Human hunting approach disguised as a crossfire. 

other measures include immediate deportation for those who don't put any form of resistance, imprisonment before any charge or trial whether innocent or guilty, closure of the South Sudan-Uganda borders for 30 days, this includes Nimule- Elegu -AmuruAdjumaniKoboko, Moyo, and  Lamwo borders, review of the situation will be after 90 days depending on the numbers of infection. 

According to the resolution the security and military surveillance team and the Covid-19 district task forces have been notified and told to effect starting the Monday 15th June 2020. 

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