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image of wol
image of wol

Rumbek, 15 June 2020: After four days of fierce fighting with government forces in Lakes state, Kerubino Wol's new rebel leader was killed. The circumstance in which Kerubino Wol was killed remained unknown, there are disputed account about how he was killed, various reports emerged that he was actually murdered after he was captured alive and shot at close range by National Security Services who was commanding the operation to flash out the new October 7 rebel Movement lunched by Kerubino Wol a businessman and former prisoner. 

A supporter of Kerubino wrote on Facebook, " he has been murdered but the idea of justice, reform, and peaceful South Sudan remains in the hearts of many South Sudanese, "  

" We have no choice but to win over bigotry, corruption, and violence politics imposed on our people by the regime in Juba. Time will come when atrocities against citizens won’t sell and justice will prevail." he continued. 

He further accused the National Security Service personnel of not honoring the Geneva convention treaty against prisoners of war, " The bullet wounds on Kerubino Wol’s chicks suggest that he was shot at a close range" 

One who identified himself only as Dau said they had run out of ammunition after four days of intense fighting and late Wol was trying to seal his colleagues that were when he was captured and murder. 

Kerubino Wol who holds the rank of Lt Col in SPLA was captured after he trying to seal his colleagues after they have run out of ammunitions said, Dau.   

The South Sudanese People's Defense Forces spokesperson Maj Gen Lul Rui Koang said the SSPDF forces have killed the leader of the newly formed rebel group in fighting Sunday in Lakes State. 

The army spokesperson General Lul further said Kerubino Wol Agok, who led the 7th October Movement, was killed during a military offensive in the area of Amongpiny to retaliate for attacks by his soldiers there. 

He said, "on Sunday, we managed to locate Kerubino’s hideout at Ayen Mayar Village in Amongpiny where he was killed in action,” according to the video footage broadcasted on state owed SSBC news channel. 

Gen Lul said, “I can confirm that Kerubino Wol was killed alongside five others. We regret the killing of the other civilians because we planned to look for Kerubino.” 

However, the 7 October Movement has already issued a dire warning, say the regime will pay for the blood of Wol, “ the regime in Juba will face the rough consequences,” a man who claimed to be in charge and interim leader of 7 October Movement told our correspondent Simon Kur Peter from Rumbek. 

The unidentified new interim leader of 7 October further said the killing of the group’s leader Wol doesn't mean the idea he laid  out has vanished, “we are reorganizing and we will avenge for the killing of our leader, and the coward foot soldiers and the regime in Juba will be given a hot blow on the nose," we will revenge in a matter of time, we will give them a decisive blow, and we will push them hard, we call for the youth in Lakes state and South Sudan as whole to stand up for their right and the blood of our martyr will not be in vain." 


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