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Nimule, 16 May 2020: A very unprecedented step that will trigger backslash community conflict between the Madi host community and Dinka Internal Displaced Persons/IDPs in Nimule Madi Land. 

During Radio live talk show held in Nimule Town Council, Dinka IDPs representative who was part of the Dinka community that attend Radio FM 97.3FM declared that Dinkas who are living in Nimule, Mugali and other places in Madi land are Dinka-Madi, and they are not going anyway. 

Mr. Joseph Thon instead urged Madi people to learn to coexist with the Dinka because the Dinka came to Nimule, Mugali and other places 27 years ago, they intermarried with Madi ladies, and have their children going to schools in Nimule. 

He further said Nimule and Mugali are not farming land, therefore, if the Madi who are in Nimule are not happy to coexist with the Dinka, the Madi should relocate to Loa, PageriMoliandru where they can freely farm. 

" We have already settled here and we are part of Madi Community, we have been here in Nimule and Mugali for 27 years," said Joseph Thon. 

The IDPs representative further said during a heated debate on Radio 97.3FM, " The returnees from refugee camps came here in 2007, they got we have developed this place and working here, so the Presidential decree couldn't make us leave this place because we belong to Madi," he added. 

Joseph Thon further stated that they did not bring the cows from Bor or Warrap. " we acquired the cattle from within here locally, we didn't bring them (the cows) from Bor or Warrap, so we will not take them anywhere, if the Madi who are complaining cannot coexist with us they can relocate to pageri,  "as for us we cannot relocate away from Pageri County, but we could relocate from the farming areas but this should be within Pageri County" he proudly said. 

Asked about the guns the IDPs are roaming or carrying in town and other public places, " don't ask me that it is not our right to carry guns with us, what about the other 63 tribes carrying guns, anyone who wants us to give up about our guns should first ask the government," said Joseph Thon. 

" As South Sudanese, it is our right to stay anywhere we chose to be with our cows, so any Madi who is campaigning for our repatriation to Bor or elsewhere should be dreaming," 

He, however, said they the Madi are free to return from refugee camps but they should go and settle and farm in Loa, Pageri, and Moli Tokuro where there are no cows" he concluded. 

One member from the audience asked whether they the Dinka are married to Madi women or married to Nimule, " we are working here, our children were born and schooling here" 

The host and IDPs are scheduled to hold a similar meeting again on 26 May in Nimule town to debate about the current situation.  

However, during the time of compiling this report, this publication has established that some of the fresh arrivals of the cows belong to the now sacked Chief of General staff of SSPDF, Lt General Gabriel Riak Jok and other senior generals from Dinka including the President and farmer Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk. 

Andrew Olweny 


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