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Kuol Manynag in his farm outside Juba
Kuol Manynag in his farm outside Juba

Juba, 14 April 2020: South Sudan Liberty News has uncovered a lucrative land grab in and around Juba by senior government officials under President Salva Kiir. The Ministers who are allegedly involved in lucrative land grabbing for farming and setting up multi-million US dollars project of standard Hotels in and around Juba are former South Sudan's Defense Minister, General Kuol Manyang Juuk, the current Presidential special adviser on Revitalized Peace Agreement. Hon Onyoti Adigo Nyikec, former Minister of Agriculture who is the current Minister for Animal and Fishery Resources and one by name Kuol Nyong 

This publication, after spending months of investigations, has uncovered the Former Defense Minister had misused his office and utilized the National Army to confiscated and grabbed a huge portion of land located outside Juba displacing the indigenous landowners who are mainly Bari ethnic group. Some of the displaced landowners who spoke to this publication in the condition of anonymity for fears of their lives in the hands' security forces said they were evicted and forced under gun points to desert their ancestral land without any form of compensation or alternative land to settle and continue to feed their families.  

Different account and testimonies from the landowners indicated that Kuol Manyang alone has forcefully acquired more than 500 hectares for agriculture, this practice of illegal land grabbing by Kuol Manyang according to the landowners started at the end of 2018.  

Multi-millionDollar, Kuol's hotel inside Juba, under construction
Multi-million-dollar, Kuol's hotel inside Juba, under construction


Our correspondent who has first-hand knowledge of the farm and inside information when he gained access to it. He reports the presence of heavy machinery parked in the farm, using these mechanized farming, He added that last year the major crops cultivated in the said farm where mostly sorghum, and groundnuts.  

The former Defense Minister who had been in the job since 2013, has also grabbed huge land in Juba town itself and construction work is almost to the roofing level, different nationalities including Indian Engineers are working with the locals and construction workers mainly Ugandan and Kenyan are the main core workforce. 


Koul Manyang, talking to one of supervisors at construction site
Koul Manyang, talking to one of the supervisors at the construction site

We additionally talked to former senior Defense officers who asked for their identities to be concealed as they too question where the former Defense Minister managed to get such huge cash to build multi-million Dollars five stars Hotels and run a mechanized farm. They also accused the former Defense Minister of the manner in which he acquired the land where the work of construction is going on.  

The Defense Minister further boastfully said after finishing with farming in Juba, he will go to Malakal and Renk where he said the land is flat without tree, in Malakal he planned to cultivate 3000 hectares with similar size in Renk.  


 Kuol Manyang, inspecting work at his Hotel

Kuol Manyang, inspecting work at his Hotel


Meanwhile, Onyoti Adigo Nyikec the former Agriculture Minister who operates his farm in the same area as Kuol Manyang and one other official,  Kuol Nyong has also been accused by the indigenous Bari people for causing displacement of impoverished landowners. Mr. Onyoti with his associates are said to have acquired more than 250 hectares of land, like his colleague Kuol who are both pinned by the landowners for using their powerful offices to grabbed land, Onyoti is involved in cultivating long traditional Sorghum and the modified one. On his farm, he also planted some Hibiscuses, this is marketable in both South Sudan and Sudan because where it is popularly consumed as tea.  

Onyoti Odigo in his farm
Onyoti Odigo in his farm

The third partner, who is a relatively unknown individual is said to be a general and close family member of President Kiir, however, this News site could not establish details about his profile and uncertain what position he holds in the Kiir government.  

Justin S. Kwaje 

Investigating journalist 


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