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Atrocities Watch Africa a non-partisan, civil society organization and institution registered based Uganda awarded South Sudan, President Salva Kiir, as the worse overall peace spoiler in his country.  unlike other awards, these awards are given to negative elements of individuals whose work obstructed the progress of peace in South Sudan.  

Atrocities Watch Africa awarded President Kiir for playing a leading role in causing widespread suffering to the South Sudanese people. 

Atrocities Watch Africa says, under Kiir's command and control, government-backed armed forces have committed ethnically motivated violence, looted and razed villages, committed systemic and brutal rape, and killed thousands. 

It says Kiir has demonstrated an unwillingness to compromise on major elements required to form a transitional government. Kiir and his networks, including family and business partners, continue to profit from the instability he has helped fuel, while the people of South Sudan are left to suffer from inept leadership. 

while without fear of contradiction the Organization awarded the government of the Republic of Uganda top spoiler for illegal weapons acquisition. 

it says Uganda Facilitated arms transfers in contravention of the EU arms embargo by purchasing weapons from EU Member States - Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia - and diverting them to South Sudan. 

Atrocities Watch Africa further says Uganda acquired American and EU military aircraft in the name of the Ugandan air force and later diverted them to South Sudan. 

The organization enlisted SPLA [ SSPDF] as the top overall Spoiler of the Peace in a Supporting Role. 

It says the SPLM [SSPDF] has consolidated power over time and built a landscape where Dinka elites wield an overwhelming influence over the political and security dynamics in South Sudan. This has led to impunity for the elites that commit crimes and continues to impede progress towards an eventual peace agreement as those in power try to hold onto their power. 

The support and dominance of the SPLM have granted President Salva Kiir the ability to act in contravention of agreed-upon frameworks for peace and existing laws, as SPLM loyalists in power are unlikely to hold him to account. 

Meanwhile, Atrocities Watch Africa awarded Akol Khor Kuc the Director-General of the Internal Security Bureau of the National Security Service (NSS) AWA warded him as Top Spoiler of Local Civil Society, and Top Spoiler of Human Rights and for the Perpetration of Civilian Atrocities respectively. 

It says Akol Kuc has overseen the use of violence, kidnappings, arbitrary detention, torture and extrajudicial killings of civilians, activists and opposition members. 

Akol Kuc recruited and trained troops sharing his and President Kiir's ethnic and tribal affiliations, including forced recruitment and recruitment of child soldiers, in contravention of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. 

The Atrocities Watch Africa did not spare the former chief of Army who is now waging a war to topple Kiir's regime, Paul Malong Awan received a top award for being Top Spoiler for Perpetuating Economic Corruption and Illicit Financial Flows, though critics observed that he was wrongly given this award she should have been given different category than this. 

However, Atrocities Watch Africa says, Paul Malong as former Chief of General Staff, Malong purported to have embezzled public funds while in charge of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA). In 2014, SPLA obtained loans of billions of dollars for military equipment but no military purchases using these funds had been made. 

In 2017, Malong was caught with millions of dollars of SPLA funds while fleeing Juba. 

The organization further observed that Malong and his family have lavish properties outside South Sudan and stakes in several companies. 

Like any other peace spoiler, South Sudan's cabinet affairs minister Elia Martin Lomoro too received a top award he was awarded as a Top peace Spoiler for Causing Humanitarian Suffering 

As Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Lomuro was responsible for extending the conflict by pressing President Kiir to reject the 2015 Peace Agreement. 

Lomuro threatened members of the press, obstructed humanitarian missions and threatened to eliminate the Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring Mechanism.  

Lomuro obstructed activities of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). 

Meanwhile, the organization also awarded South Sudan foreign affairs and international cooperation Minister Awut Deng Acuil, "Top Spoiler for Enabling Sexual and Gender-Based Violence" As Minister of Gender, Acuil led a government investigation into MSF reports of mass rape of women and girls in Bentiu in 2018, concluding the rape allegations were unfounded and baseless. 

Cases verified by the Human Rights Council showed the rapes reported by MSF were "likely to be correct or indeed an underestimate.” 

Months earlier, the UN Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict had urged government officials to hold perpetrators to account noting that sexual violence in South Sudan was fueled and exacerbated by a deep culture of impunity. 

Chief Justice Madut As Chief Justice was handed a top award of been top spoiler of Accountability and Justice, Madut served as head of the judiciary when a case file went missing in 2019 preventing the case against ten government soldiers accused of rape and sexual assault of five aid workers and the death of a journalist from going forward. 

Under Madut’s watch, the judiciary is seen as too close to and influenced by the executive branch. He has been accused of interfering with judgments and of robbing the court system of even the appearance of legitimacy. 

Other top peace spoiler award goes to Dar Petroleum for its role in polluting the environment and providing funds to the military. 

Oil and gas consortium Dar Petroleum has provided direct support to deadly militias. 

Dar Petroleum oil production facilities have polluted the environment with heavy metals and dangerous chemical compounds, endangering the health of hundreds of thousands exposed to contaminated drinking water. 

Dar Petroleum facilitated the misuse of funds, earmarked for community development, by senior officials within South Sudan’s petroleum ministry. 

This is the first-ever report prepared by Africa's based human rights watch organization, this report must be recognized and acknowledged for its honesty.  unlike other awards, the recipients were not present to receive their awards and it is not clear whether Atrocities Watch Africa will send the awards to the recipients.

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