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Juba, 17 January 2020: South Sudan's peace agreement hangs in balance as the country's main opposition SPLA-IO expressed reservation and shock of the South African proposal. Madam Angelina Teny, the wife of Dr. Riek Machar who is the group's head of Defense Committee said SPLA-IO is "shocked" by the proposal presented by South Africa’s deputy president Mr. David Mabuza to resolve the issue of the number of states and their boundaries. 


While addressing the media in Juba, on Thursday, South Africa's deputy president David Mabuza said he proposed an arbitration mechanism to help resolve the issue of the number of states and their boundaries within 90 days. Mr. Mabuza however, said the decision to propose an arbitration mechanism to solve the outstanding issue of the number of states and their boundaries shouldn't hamper and hold up the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity by 22 February. 


The decision by the Deputy President of South Africa came out with such single hand proposals, hours after the rival parties have failed to reach a compromise on the number of states and their boundaries took many. By surprised. 


While addressing reporters in Juba, Friday afternoon, Angelina Teny, the wife of Dr. Riek Machar who is the head of the SPLM-IO’s committee for defense, told reporters that the unity government cannot be formed before the pending tasks are finalized within the extended deadline. 


Madam Angelina sends a very crystal clear messages to the Juba regime and the educators that , "To us, they are automatically proposing an extension of the pre-transitional period, we felt that we want to make that very clear so that we are not misunderstood," said Angelina. 


she further said, "The legislature cannot be formed without having addressed the issue of the number of states, so this is one clarification we wanted to make," 


Machar group according to Angelina recommends the formation of a committee comprises of the member states of the African Union High-Level Ad Hoc Committee on South Sudan and Troika to determine the number of states and their boundaries within two weeks to allow time for the restructuring of the council of states. 


With the remaining weeks for the parties to form along with awaited National government, hope is yet fading as  the IGAD member states lack a new concrete plan to bring about peace in South Sudan, nut in particular reign in the regimes foot dragging.


South Sudanese are left to guess what will become of their future as IGAD head of states have sidelined with Kiir, IGAD continues to extend arbitrary and unlawful confinement on Machar is a clear sign of violating Machar's human right freedom of movement, and yet Kiir whose hands have the blood of the people of South Sudan is allowed to roam freely. 



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