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The statement by Commissioner Emilio Igga of Pageri County and his boss Governor Tobilio Alberio Oromo, governor of Torit State against Madi Lopirigo, former Ambassador Anjelo Voga Morgan amounts to an insult to entire Ma'di people to say the least.

It must be recalled that Emilio Igga, and his associates working with the government of South Sudan are not representatives of Ma'di people, but rather they are government appointees, as such they have no rights to lobby investors to come and invest in Ma'di land at the time more than 90% of the native Ma'di people are forced by the government forces into exile in neighboring Uganda since 2016.

Commissioner Emilio Igga should be warned that his statements and negative campaigns against Ma'di people and Lopirigo will not go unchallenged in all fields. Mr. Igga, today much has changed, so do not think you are untouchable. 


You should  warn you that  the land grabbing for the so called investors in Ma’di land by the uncoathed, uncultured, reckless people like you Emilio Igga should stop immediately.

In 2016 when the unrest and killing started in Madiland setting a mass exodus of Ma’di people into refugee camps, you Mr. Emilio Igga categorical denied and made open pronouncement  and claimed as a commissioner you did not know why Ma'di people were fleeing their homes. 


You further openly spelled out that those who were fleeing their homes were looking for opportunities to get free food from the United Nations. 


Claiming there was no need for Ma'di people to leave their homes, you went on saying, " Jo nye lo lanyu ra, lanyu ka nyi nya ra." That phrase can literally translates, "If you touch bees, bees will sting you."  You insinuated that the Ma'di people started the first attack on the soldiers, so therefore the Ma'di people deserved what they asked for. Shame on you! You should have protected your people but unfortunate you chose money, bloody money which you are still chasing to date. 

And now with the uncertainty of peace lurking in the horizon, you and your henchmen running half dressed  are  sell to Ma’di lucratively in order to line your pockets at the expense of your very own people.

Previously, Commissioner Igga, MP Bilal, former governor of EES Louis Lobong, with their high-profile government elites from Dinka, have tried to advocate, teaming up with Dinka Bor land grabbers claiming to be IDPs in Ma’di land attempted to plot a massive land grab but failed. 

Commissioner Igga, you and your associates, the likes of Ambassador John Andruga, Bilal Amure Aventore have obtained financial favours and continue to obtain these favours from national government  to sell their ancestral land. And now that your pockets have been lined, you are compelled to convince the mainstream Ma'di to give up their ancestral land.

From unconfirmed sources  I have been informed that hand outs of $40,000.00 per head was dished out in an attempt to lobby these hungry lowly so called self proclaimed politicians to go out to bribe men and women in the land to sign a document.

If majority of the Ma’di are in exile, whose signatures can they collect to amount to 10 credible signatures from Nimuke, Mugali and Opari in order to allocate land for investors?

Governor Alberio Tobiolo, should be informed that Madi people are well off without the investment in Madi land and any attempt to grab Ma'di land by force will meet all forms of resistant. I would like to make it point-blank that we the Ma'di people have suffered injustice. 

A new wave of foreign land invaders with their cows roaming in Ma'di land and this has completely ruined the livelihood of the ma’di. 

As governor, Mr. Tobiolo you should have channelled your energy in addressing the issue of  this new occupying force that is hindering the productivity and development of the Ma’di and begin repatriating these people with their animals  with immediate effect. Instead you have become a monster and commander in chief for land grabbing. 

Mr Tobiolo, rest assured that we the Ma’di have lived for a century without investors but have individually and collectively invested in our land. We have 10 year development plan for our nation which we can execute without investors. What we need is space, our own space left to us for us to do according to our plan. Therefore, the best you could do is to take those investors to your area,your homeland where they are needed most.

As a patriotic son of Ma'd, I condemn  your childish, premature decisions that you have taken in the matters of the Ma’di land. utter nonsense. I would like to assure you Mr Governor that your threatening acts and statements against our supreme leader will not go down without being challenged.

I was disappointed to read the following statements from  you: " A politician is a politician…the majority who are here want investors to come and invest in their land, but there is an individual politician who wants to hold development hostage in South Sudan and Torit in particular,” making references to our Lopirigo Angelo Voga.

Be warned Governor Tobiolo that Ma'di people are more united, strong and unbreakable than ever before. Should you insist on the plan to give the earmarked land to the so-called investors, the consequences will be devastating. 

To the investors, I would like to advise  you to take this warning seriously because our land is our identities, our heritage and our property, not a government property.

To Emilio Igga, I ask you calm down because you know our culture, what it permits and what it does not. You also know very well the consequences of land grabbing from neighbor or other communities. 

Come to your senses, join your community to work with them, not to grab from them for your personal interest. Cease your hostilile language and halt insults against our Lopirigo. Your utterances such as, “The ambassador is not in the country; he is in a refugee camp…the language he speaks is the language of opposition ... [he] should remain where and not affect the development our people want,”
The kind of language you have used here goes to show your immaturity and personal attacks, a cheap form of politics.
You should realise that the that Ma'di can stand tall without you.  Since 2010, you have been trying to do dubious transactions such as gazetting Nimule into township against the will of the majority without success.

Inclusion any attempt by anyone to grab Ma'di land will be resisted and challenged, and those who think they can get away with cheap politics are still dreaming and they will live to regret the consequences of their evil deeds.

To the Far Reaching Ministry which came to our country to evangelize the Gospel of faith should not change gear into land grabbing activities that will be untrue gospel, this is not holistic calling, and if the Far Reaching Ministry leadership turn deaf ears and change to evil doing by evicting the native Ma’di people then we the people can tell them to take their bags and leave Ma’di land.

I know there is an ongoing attempt to convince the remaining chiefs in Ma'di to give their signatures to fabricate things to look as if the entire Ma'di people have agreed to give the investors the land. Mr. Igga anything you do in Nimule in day or night will always come to the surface of water, so be careful and watch your back.


David Aju Kanyara

concerned citizen

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