Juba Paid an Arm and a leg to get TB Joshua to South Sudan.

Juba South Sudan: Details are slowing emerging about the Nigerian self-proclaimed Prophet TB Joshua's ten hours visit to Juba on 12 November 2019. An insider within the organizing committee who has vast knowledge about the trip of TB Joshua anonymously told this reporter that TB Joshua's trip to Juba cost the Juba government $11.4Million. 

He said the subcommittee who was directly involved in negotiating the expenses for TB Joshua's visit to Juba include the cabinet affairs Minister Dr. Elia Martin Lomoro, as chairman of the committee of planning, Michael Makuei Lueth, head of information, and others include Awut Deng the Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation.

The informant further revealed that $ 3.4million went for charting the plan that brought TB Joshua, though another source said TB Joshua flew in his private Jet. $5 million are used for security, services, transportation to bring in the delegations from different states, as well as footing the bill of insurance coverage of TB Joshua and his TV crews and other members of his team.  

The sources further revealed that $3 Million was directly channeled to TB Joshua's account by the Ministry of Finance of South Sudan. 

He further claimed an unspecified amount of cash was handed to TB Joshua directly when the President accompanied TB Joshua into his private Jet. He said the money taken by the president's aid on-board TB Joshua private jet was as a token of appreciation for coming and for offering prayers for President's family. 

However, critics of the President who asked their details to be concealed fearing repercussion or reprisal questioned the move by Juba to hand or spend such huge amount just to buy service of prayers at the time more than one third of the country's population is sitting in the floodwater, and they are facing dire humanitarian needs. 

Critics also pointed out that  the soldiers in cantonment sites who are holding their guns silent remain unfed, yet such money is wasted on self-proclaimed man of God from Nigeria while we have very many true men of God in our churches in Juba, can’t these South Sudanese spiritual leaders offer prayers and advice when their own families are directly affected by this cries brought upon South Sudanese by none other than Kiir himself? They conclude "it is shame that South Sudan's government has not even spent one pound to provide for the victims of the flood in Unity and Upper Nile states," said one of the critics. 

Justin S Kwaje.



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    I just read this article about the alleged financial implications of TB Joshua's visit to South Sudan and thought it would be worthwhile to share with you the official statement his ministry released after his visit - https://www.facebook.com/tbjministries/photos/a.105659106221541/2779094688877956/?type=3&theater


    I bring you Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Following my ‘quiet’ departure from the country of South Sudan after a recent visit there, please permit me to clear the air on what transpired.

    I know that many citizens and residents of South Sudan would have wanted me to spend a few more days with them. Indeed, I saw thousands of people waiting at the lobby of the hotel because they thought I would stay for longer.

    However, I had received an instruction from God to leave immediately – without waiting for any ‘thank you’ whatsoever, whether in cash or kind.

    The same God Almighty had sent me there – to pray for South Sudan and lead the nation to a new beginning. Who am I, then, to disobey the voice of my Master, my Creator, the One who gives life to us all?

    On this note, therefore, I would like to urge all expectant South Sudanese and other nationals to please understand that I had to obey the voice of God.

    No doubt, there is need for a revival crusade in South Sudan. As such, I await divine directions for another visit soon, for the harvest is on the way! Emmanuel – God with us!

    As you can see, he made it very clear that he didn't receive anything from the South Sudanese government in 'cash or kind' - as unsubstantially alleged in your write-up. I would equally advise you to check out TB Joshua's ministry in more depth. He makes it very clear that prayers are NOT for sale (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJn0VbQb-8I) and openly denounces such practices. It is clear this write-up is nothing more than political propaganda!

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