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October 5th 2019. South Sudan has until the end of October to pay the accumulating debt of 27.6

million dollars or face expulsion  from the membership of East Africa community, the East African Legislative Assembly /EALA warned.

The East African Legislative Assembly, representative from Kenya Ms Wanjiku Muhia called for the suspension of the Republic of South Sudan from trading bloc of six members countries.

Meanwhile, Mary Mugyenyi, Ugandan representative to EALA said, “we do not know maybe it was too early for Republic of South Sudan to joint the bloc of East African Community, after South Sudan got its independent on 9 July 2011, they are not ready,”

While, Fancy Nkuhi Haji, Tanzanian representative to EALA, angrily and reasonably lashes at South Sudan by saying, “today we eat in the house of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda, tomorrow when we go to South Sudan, they will closed their door, and say we are not around,”

The EALA further agreed to form community to investigate Republic of South Sudan for the breach of East African Community Treaty, and called for a tough sanction against the world youngest nation.

In trying to water down the heat in East African legislative Assembly,  Mr. Kim Gai Rout Doup, South Sudan law-maker to EALA shamefully  asked for the law-makers to give South Sudan till the end of October to clear its accumulating debt of 27.6 Million Dollars.

South Sudan was admitted into the trading bloc of East African Community barely two years ago this was down at the time majority of South Sudanese urged the East African community member state not to allow the world youngest nation till it has cleared its messed house.

The called for south Sudan not to joint the East African Community was ignored by President Museveni, who vigorously campaigned and lobby other heads of states to allow South Sudan to join the bloc.

Members of EALA send to Arusha, Tanzania, were normal elected by the population of their countries were they come from, but for the case of South Sudan members of Law-makers were hand-picked by the President, the hand picked law-makers from South Sudan met strong resistance in court petition to the court of East Africa by South Sudan renowned lawyer Mr. Wani. But Museveni prevailed much to his disappointments today.



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